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Released: 2008
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Spice Studios / Alure
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Running time: 81 mins.

Lolly Badcock has gathered a small repertory company of strong supporting actresses for her series of films made under the directorship of Sam Stonhill at Spice Studios. After being Extreme Lesbians and being locked up in Lolly's Domination Dungeon, the group of girls explore their kinky side in Lolly's Fetish Freaks.

Sitting on the kitchen bench in her red fishnets and high heels, Lolly watches Emma cooking. Pulling a chocolate covered spoon from the pan, Emma smears it over Lolly's tits and starts to suck. Slipping off the counter, Lolly examines the contents of the fridge. A large cucumber looks promising. Lapping at Emma's pussy, she eases in the long green veg. A banana is next between Emma's legs. Lolly tongues it as it slides in and out. Having had her daily dose of fruit and veg, it's Lolly's turn to take the contents of the fridge. She goes for the non-healthy option of a Mars bar in her pussy. Emma licks at the chocolatey mess while Lolly trickles cream over her body. Coated and slippery, the two press their boobs together and caress, then lick each other clean.

In their pyjama bottoms and with their hair wrapped in towels, Lolly and Sabrina head for a red covered couch. Discarding her towel, Lolly pours baby oil over her boobs and massages it in. Her body glistening, she squirts some on Jane, pulling down her pants to rub it in. The girls shimmering bodies slide together. Lolly turns barber, soaping up Jane's pussy and carefully wielding the razor to remove her pubes. Freshly shaven, Lolly tests it for smoothness, her tongue dancing over Jane's clit and pussy lips. Teasing Jane, Lolly slips in the handle of the razor and starts to wank. Turning Lolly over, Jane gets to use the blade, slowly shaving round Lolly's bum hole. Easing in the slim green handle, Jane works away till Lolly climaxes.

Leading a leather-strapped Angel into an empty loft apartment, Lolly's long black coat trails on the ground as she walks. Fastening on a harness, Angel is going to take a lot of training to be Lolly's pony girl. Flicking her whip, Angel slowly marches forward. Unhappy, Lolly wants her legs higher. Attaching a cart to Angel's hips, she sets off trotting round the room with Lolly in tow. The hard work over, it's time for Angel's reward. But, no sugar cubes for this pony girl. Instead she gets the chance to munch on Lolly's plump pussy lips. Down on the floor, Angel arches her body 'crab' style. Lolly jabs away at her pussy. Pushing Angel flat, Lolly sits and wipes her pussy on her face before leading her away.

Entering the room carrying two chocolate eclairs, Lolly places them under Poppy's feet and watches as she squashes them into the ground. She stoops to lick the cream which has oozed through Poppy's toes. Lolly's hands caress her ankles and calves. Closing her eyes, Poppy relaxes back as her feet are washed. Removing her lilac spotted bra, Lolly runs the damp feet over her tits before giving her a pedicure. Lolly climbs up beside Poppy and the two explore each other's bodies. Lolly opens her legs and Poppy teases her with her toes. The pair tremble with pleasure. Strapping on Poppy's high heel red sandals, Lolly leaves.

Amber sits on the lid of a white painted piano. She's there for a lesson, but not of the musical kind. Lolly approaches in her thigh-length black boots. Putting on her glasses, she starts to play. The girls share a cigarette, blowing smoke over each other as they strip. Climbing on top of the piano, Lolly lets Amber finger her and breath smoke over her pussy. She smiles as a silver vibrator is eased between her legs. The two kiss, their tongues meeting. A second cigarette is lit. This time Lolly does the fingering, popping one, then two, into Amber's pussy. She follows up with a slim white toy. Lying on the ground, Lolly pulls and plays with herself while Amber sucks on a big fat cigar.

Like others in the Spice Studio's series, this is a nicely executed film with some interesting kinks and twists. A must for Lolly fans, even if it is only just over 80 minutes long.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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