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Released: 2008
Director: Sam Stonehill
Notes: Spice Studios
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Running time: 73 mins.

Lolly Badcock appears with her regular entourage in this Sam Stonehill directed film, originally shot for The Adult Channel. Here she invites a series of girls into her bedroom for some hot and hard pussy pumping action. Each scene starts with Lolly on the bed in her sexy attire, surrounded by the toys of choice for the girl she is about to introduce.

Amber is the first to climb onto Lolly's bed to see what's in store. Stripping off her jacket and pulling down her skirt, Lolly licks at Amber's breasts then thrusts her own boobs into her face. Sliding down Amber's body, Lolly laps at her clit as she shoves a finger in her arse. The girls roll and tumble round the bed with Lolly's knickers coming off in the process. Chewing at Lolly's swollen lips, Amber screws a toy between her legs. The girls gag as they deep throat the vibe.

Next on the bed is leggy Angel Long. The girls pull and rive at each other's bras as they try to get at their boobs. Wrestling around the bed, Angel pins her pussy against Lolly's face. A purple toy is inserted. Managing to stuff a vibe into Lolly's snatch, the two 69. Sharing a toy, the girls grind together. Angel uses her strength to hold Lolly down as she uses a shiny steel rod on her arse. Grabbing hold of the bedstead, she's fucked by Angel.

Lying with her hand down her lilac spotted knickers, Lolly waits for Emma to join her on the bed. Yanking her panties down, Emma's tongue explores the expansive folds of Lolly's pussy lips. She slips a finger into the moist mound. Turning Emma onto her back, Lolly ties her down with red ribbons and parts her legs to get at her pussy. A sparkling blue vibrator prods and pokes. She teases her clit with the buzzing toy. Donning her strap-on, Lolly pounds into Emma's pussy then holds the plastic prick to her lips to taste it. The girls 69, playing with each other's bums.

In ravishing red, Lolly beckons Sabrina to join her on the toy strewn bed. Pulling her leopard print panties aside, a string of pearls hang from Sabrina's pussy. Taking them in her teeth, Lolly pulls them out. Dropping back, Sabrina finds her pussy is being stretched open by Lolly's fingers. She wriggles round to lap between Lolly's legs. A double-ended dong is slipped into Sabrina's snatch. Lolly gags on the free end. The girls plug each other's arses with vibes and lock their legs together.

At twelve minutes, the final scene with Poppy is the shortest on the film. With a strap-on sticking out from Poppy's red negligée, she's ready for action. Fucking Lolly's throat, Poppy moves to thrust the wet plastic into her pussy. After a little missionary work, Lolly pounds down on Poppy's prick, reverse cowgirl. Buckles undone, Poppy finds herself on the receiving end of Lolly's silver pole - pussy first, then bum. The girls play with a curved purple toy. Shuddering, they climax.

As with other Lolly Badcock films which started life on TV, Boudoir of Depravity is pitifully short. No sooner have the scenes started than they're over. The film does however have some great girl-on-girl action starring some of Britain's top stars. A must for Lolly fans everywhere.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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