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Released: 2007
Director: Big Bad Onxxx
Notes: Suze Randall / Pure Play
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Running time: 102 mins.

American film Lewd Lube Jobs was originally shot in 2004 and now sees the light of day as a Pure Play release (or re-release) after sitting on the shelf for three years. The five scenes follow Renee Richards, Brittney Skye, Puma Swede, Kirsten Price and Lacie Heart, who all find they get serviced as much as their cars when they turn up at the local garage.

The film kicks off with a leather micro-skirted Renee lounging against the side of her open top mini, as the mechanic lies on the floor with his head under the car. A grease covered Brittney Skye appears and drops to her knees. Undoing the guy's overalls, she wraps her lips around his cock. Renee is invited to join in. Crouching, she sucks. Leaning over the open car door, Renee is taken from behind. She turns and stands on one leg to be fucked. The three make best use of an old set of car seats, with the girls taking turns to ride the guy. Climbing onto his cock reverse, Renee grinds down against his balls as Brittney laps at the pair. The scene ends with a cum shot over the girls' tits.

Through no fault of the performers, this is a very poor film. The first scene starring Renee and Brittney has been cut into umpteen 20 and 30 second chunks and edited back together in a totally disjointed way, completely breaking up the flow. The production of the rest of the film fairs no better. The third scene, starring blonde Puma Swede, is slightly comical with the whole soundtrack being out of synch (either that or she's a bloody good ventriloquist, talking with her mouth full). To cap it all, the fourth scene starts twice!!! Lewd Lube Jobs is more of a back street bodger doing cut and shut jobs than a Rolls Royce dealership. A film to avoid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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