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Released: 2008
Director: Strangelove
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 173 mins.

Harmony have been producing some of the best films around under the directorship of Tanya Hyde and Gazzman. Now add to that list new director Strangelove - the nom-de-plume that appears on the cover of Ladies of Pleasure. Like Strangelove's first film for Harmony, Scarlet Woman, this new release stylistically is akin to the works of Tanya Hyde. Brilliantly staged, the eight girls, Jools Brooke, Renee Richards and Robyn Truelove along with the Europeans Black Angelica, Eve Angel, Sofia Valentine, Stella Delcroix and Zafira, add just a twist of kink to their scenes.

The film starts with Sofia, in her thigh-length boots and black riding jacket, being shagged by a rocking chair before she tackles three guys.

Stella and Black Angelica indulge in some dildo action on a plate glass floor, before going downstairs to fuck the chef in the kitchen below.

In a back-less latex dress and towering high heels, Robyn wanders through an almost deserted underground club. Jay and Johnny stand at the bar, sipping their drinks. Turning, Robyn bends to flash her jewelled butt plug. It attracts the attention of the two at the bar. The boys pull out the plug and start to probe Robyn's pussy and arse. Licking her lips, she stands to be tongued. Their cocks out, Robyn starts to suck. Jay leans against the bar as his shaft disappears down her throat. The three make for a plush red curtain and push their way through. Jools gyrates in front of them with an ostrich plume in her hair. Peeling down her red knickers, Jools does the splits, fingering her shaven pussy as she drops. Slipping a pink toy between her legs, Jools bounces as the three look on. Climbing onto the low stage, Robyn spreads her legs to be licked. Jay jabs his tongue and fingers into Jools' fanny. Jay's prick pokes out of his striped pants. Jools strokes and sucks it. Hanging upside down from Johnny's neck, Robyn wraps her lips around his cock. Jay does the same with Jools. Getting the guys on the stage, the girls slip down on their chebs. Stretching her pussy wide open, Robyn spins round to take Jay's full length. Down on all fours, the pair get fucked doggy before the boys cum over their bums.

Eve Angel finds herself locked in Zafira's cage, only being released so that her body can be used amd abused.

Renee enters a book filled lounge, her open black gown flowing as she walks. Settling back on a deep leather sofa, she starts to watch porn. With the fire flickering in the hearth, Renee slips her hand into her black and white lace knickers and fingers. Opening her stocking clad legs, she teases her pussy. A ring on a bell summons the butler who enters with a pink rabbit in the centre of a large silver salver. Renee plunges the toy into her pussy and lets it whirr away. The butler stands, cock in hand, while Renee masturbates. A second ring of the bell and the butler strips. Renee crawls between his thighs to lap at his cock. Crouching, her tongue works its way along his shaft. Holding her head back, he fills her throat. A second servant appears for Renee to suck on as she lies across the butler's lap, having her arse licked. The boys ease a shiny silver rod into Renee's pussy as she fills her mouth with man meat. Falling to the floor, Renee is taken from behind. She rolls over, grinding into their balls. Both boys fire their loads - one on her tongue and one over Renee's bum.

Superbly set and with brilliant cinematography, Ladies of Pleasure oozes eroticism all the way through. The film is crammed full of wonderful imagery. Stella shot from below through the glass floor, sexy Robyn in her tight latex dress and a sensational Renee smouldering her way through her scene. Top marks to Strangelove for a top class movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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