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Released: 2009
Director: Oliver McDowell
Notes: JoyBear Pictures
Alternate Titles
  • The London Sex Project 1: Infidelity
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 88 mins.

Shot in a documentary style, the five scenes in The London Sex Project are supposedly filmed using hidden cameras as a group of guys and girls indulge in extra marital affairs. Each scene starts with director Oliver questioning one of the participants and then showing the viewer how the secret cameras work.

The film starts with Suzie whose husband/boyfriend (she keeps changing her mind as to who it is) is working away from home. So, Mario has been invited round for some fun.

Tanya (as Sue) is married to a much older man. Their sex life has gone flat, but he enjoys watching films of her with other men. Standing in her black and white dress and black stockings, Tanya invites the gardener indoors for some extra work. Wrapping her hand round his dibble, she starts to tug. Tanya falls to her knees. Her lips make his cock grow. Backing onto the sofa, Tanya lets the gardener inspect her pussy. His tongue darts at her black and red knickers. She slips them off so he can lap at her clit. The pair move to the rug and shag spoons. Tanya turns herself onto all fours to be fucked doggy. She flops back, her stockings covered in fluff from the floor. The gardener sprinkles his spunk over her stomach and boobs.

Aspiring actor Oochey has left his wife and family back in Nigeria to study in London. Inviting actress Kimberly (as Lucy) to his flat to learn his lines, he hopes it's more than words she'll get in her mouth. Putting down her script, Kimberly picks up Oochey's cock and starts to suck. She quickly discards her less than sexy grey shorts and climbs on a chair to be fingered. Oochey jerks at his dick as he licks her pussy, then thrusts into Kimberly from behind. The pair fall to the floor. Lying on a ghastly purple and lilac carpet, Kimberly climbs onto his cock. Twisting round, she rides him reverse, then lets Oochey wank his load over her stomach.

In the fourth scene, Clark Kent (as Seb) wants to prove he can pull his fitness instructor, Kelly. The film ends with businessman Jig who has one house for his wife and another for his lover.

Shooting the film as a documentary might have been a good idea if it had been done well, but the sham interviews contain too many anomalies and the scene set-ups occupy too much of what are already short scenes. When you add on top the annoying appearance of 'Camera A' and 'Camera B' at the bottom of the screen to bolster the 'documentary' approach, The London Sex Project is a disappointing film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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