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Released: 2009
Director: Private
Notes: Frank Thring
Alternate Titles
  • Private Gold 102: Legs Wide Open
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 117 mins.

This is the story of a young woman's initiation into sex, not just ordinary sex but the dark world of sadomasochism. With references, not least in the title, drawn from Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut film of the Arthur Schnitzler novella, the film charts Francesca's (Mela) progress from shy virgin to confident womanhood.

Veteran British porn director Frank Thring has a fine time nicking bits of plot and mixing with porn clichés, while giving himself a cameo role which requires his latex-gloved fingers to be pushed up Mela's naked bum and a bj. While the plot may be thin, the talent is top fucking class, if you ignore some of the wooden acting (especially from Brit Sahara Knite). But it's the sexual action we want, and Frank delivers. Usual Private production values and a fine, mainly eastern European, cast play it dirty.

Mela, it seems, is still a virgin, while former school chums Sahara and Denice Klarskov are getting filled with man meat every night. Over a morning coffee, Denice recounts a naked fucking after hours in another café, while Sahara, stripped to her black stockings, has had her pussy and arse fucked by her boyfriend. Later, in the shower, Mela imagines herself naked on the bed with Sahara and her boyfriend, watching the action.

The fantasy becomes reality as Mela finds herself gagged, tied and stark naked in Sir James's (Frank Gun) cellar. After some obedience lessons, but still completely naked, Mela is allowed upstairs to watch Jade fellate a couple of guys before she takes one of the cocks herself. Later, Mela is prepared by the valet Bennett (Frank Thring). She gets her arse oiled to permit the master of the house to bugger her doggystyle. Now allowed some light fishnet lingerie, Mela needs to be taught by another woman - in this case Crystal Crown - so the women share a variety of dildos in their pussies and arses.

Finally, Sir James throws an orgy in his fine classical mansion. Mela watches Crystal, Jessica Girl, Simony Diamond, Jade Summers and Tira service three studs before she and Sir James join them, all under the benign inspection of Bennett. Now mistress of the house and resplendent in red velvet basque and black leather thighboots, Mela takes cock up the bum in reverse cowgirl while Jessica and Simony are double-penetrated. Bennett gets oral relief from the two blondes as the scene ends in a welter of facials. At last, in a Danish street, Mela can throw off her ankle length overcoat and stride away in a gold shirt, black tights and snakeskin thighboots ...

Review by Bayleaf
June 2009

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Sahara Knite finds herself on the streets of Copenhagen, together with European girls Denice K, Crystal Crown and Mela, in Frank Thring's Legs Wide Open.

Unusually for a Private production things don't get off to a good start as an out of sync Sahara chats to Denice and Mela about her sex life. She tells the girls about her latest soirée...

Holding a glass, Sahara provocatively runs her tongue round the rim, then trickles wine onto the body of her tied-up boyfriend. Grabbing the base of his shaft, she stuffs the wine covered dick deep into her mouth and sucks. The bed creeks as her head bobs up and down. The ties released, Sahara lies back to let the guy lap at her black and gold panties. He slips a finger into her pussy and arse. Sahara braces herself as his prick pounds into her shaven snatch. Rolling onto all fours, she jams his cock in her bum. The pair squirm around on the bed. Sahara indulges in some anal riding. The guy stands and jets his jizz into Sahara's mouth. She smiles.

Mela confides she's never had hot sex like that and starts to dream of sharing a cock with Sahara in the shower. The water playing over their bodies, Mela watches as Sahara gets her bum filled with man meat. But it's not to be.

Mela's life is transformed by a strange guy that she meets. Over the next couple of scenes she changes from a genteel, mild-mannered day dreamer, into a black clad, bondage loving dominatrix.

The film ends in a mass orgy of rubber clad nurses and leather clad girls. His dick out, director Frank and Mela guide the action. Mela's journey is complete.

After a rocky start quality wise, Legs Wide Open noticeably improves. It's a pity that after the first scene not a lot makes sense, but it's always difficult when giving non-English speakers tracts of dialogue to carry the film forward. If you ignore the plot, the action itself is well choreographed and shot. As is usual with Mr Thring in charge, the final orgy scene ends with latex clad girls sucking his dick. Legs Wide Open is watchable, but not a Private classic.

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