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Released: 2009
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 120 mins.

Pulling on her nylons, Laura Michaels, who for so long has been the able supporting actress in Pumpkin productions, now has a film of her own to star in. On her trip round the city of Bristol and the byways of the South West, the stocking clad Laura meets up with Emma, Paige and a whole host of guys, for some fun and games.

Omar is looking for a new apartment and estate agent Stefan has arranged to meet him by the Avon in Bristol. A cursory glance round the luxury flat and he thinks it's OK. His interest sky rockets when Laura wanders out of the bedroom in her silk lingerie and stockings. Telling the boys she still has a month on her lease, she asks what they'll do for compensation. Peeling down her bra, the pair lap at her boobs... a good start. Pulling out their cocks, Laura sits on the sofa and starts to suck. Dropping between her legs, Omar's tongue flicks out at her shaven snatch. The two lie side by side shagging, spoons. With Stefan's dick in her mouth, Laura moves to all fours. Balancing on Omar's thighs, Laura lowers herself onto his manhood and starts to grind. Pussy gaping, she moves to Stefan's shaft. More doggy from both guys and Omar lifts Laura up to hang from his neck as they shag. Just before the pair leave, Laura gets them to jerk their jizz over her tits.

Heading out to the country in her open top sports car, Laura parks up in a secluded spot and stuffs her hand down her tights. A masked Andy appears from the bushes and places his prick on the top of the door as she masturbates. Grabbing the cock, Laura starts to suck. She's soon out of the car and bent over the bonnet. Andy rips open her black nylons. Laura moans as she's fingered. Throwing aside her jacket and blouse, she lifts her boobs out of her bra and pulls them as she's fucked. A taste of her juices from Andy's length and she slips his cheb into her pussy, reverse. Heels covered in mud, Laura kneels down in the grass. Andy fills her from behind then fires his load over her breasts.

Paige has popped round to show off her new boobs and complains none of her bras now fit. Laura has the answer - a sexy set of pink silk lingerie. Laura tests Paige's new tits with her tongue as her hand reaches down to her panties. Pagie's fingers find Laura's fanny and she starts to rub. Bra straps slipped off shoulders, the pair lick at boobs. Easing Laura's knickers down, Paige buries her face in her pussy. Moistening a pink vibrator, Paige jabs it deep into Laura's shaven mound. Laura produces a strap-on from under a cushion. Fastened on, Paige sucks at the plastic prick. Nice and wet, Paige rides Laura's phallus reverse, then flops forward to be fucked doggy. Strap-on discarded, Laura lies back, letting Paige lap at her clit till she orgasms.

Entering Laura's bedroom, Stefan finds Emma in the middle of the bed in her pink satin lingery and stockings. Laura stands in her dark suit. Stefan had hoped she would be similarly dressed. Removing her jacket and dropping her skirt, she reveals her black basque and nylons. Pulling at Stefan's trousers, the girls lap at the bulge in his shorts. Cock out, Laura winds her fingers round it and takes Stefan between her lips. Saliva trickles down his shaft. Losing her knickers, Emma sits on Stefan's face and leans forward to lick at the dick before probing her tonsils. Spread across the bed, the three poke and probe each other. Emma mounts Stefan's prick, spinning from cowgirl to reverse. Laura drops onto all fours to be filled from behind. Sitting by the side of the bed, Laura masturbates as she watches Emma being taken, spoons. Moving back onto the bed, she too wants to feel Stefan inside her pussy. He fucks her, missionary. Crouched together, the girls take Stefan's spunk on their boobs.

Dressed in PVC and fishnets, Laura is one of the meekest masochists going as she strokes Tony's body with her whip. Strapped to a wheel, she spins him upside down and rubs her bum against his masked face. Unzipping his pants, Laura pulls out his prick, then turns him the right way up to deep throat. Released from his straps, this mild mistress gets Tony to lick at her calf length boots. His tongue darts over the shiny black leather. Opening her legs, Laura lets him lick higher. Parting her pussy, his fingers and tongue probe. Bending Tony over, his bum is tamely tapped by Laura's cane as she presses herself against his shaft. After a session spoons, Laura turns onto her back. Tony bangs in. Dropped off the sofa, Tony props Laura up to pile drive her pussy. Pulling out, he shoots his cream over her boots.

Whilst Laura has no problems in portraying the sexy temptress, the good girl gone bad or the lesbian lover, she is less convincing as the domineering mistress. Therefore only four of the five scenes really click. Having said that, even as a mild mannered masochist the final scene is still entertaining to watch. Laura's Stocking Tops shows Laura Michaels not as a star in the making, but as a star who has arrived.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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