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Released: 2009
Director: D. Kingdom
Notes: Film Erotica
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Running time: 118 mins.

Lost in France is Film Erotica's second film from southern France and adds Carrie to the cast which appeared in A Week In Provence. The girls and guys do some sight-seeing, soak up the sun and have plenty of sex in their countryside villa.

Having hiked through France, an exhausted Carrie finds a secluded spot in the garden of the villa to lay down her head. Steve Hooper and the girls find her snoozing and invite Carrie indoors for a refreshing shower and sleep. Dried off, Steve massages some moisturiser into Carrie's tired limbs and body. Reaching her pussy he licks. Faye, Jasmine and Kimberly all strip off to join the action. With his shorts off, Steve lies back to let the girls at his shaft. Carrie climbs onto his cock and rides cowgirl. Faye and Jasmine 69 beside them on the bed. Lying on her side, Kimberly is taken spoons. Then, she twists onto all fours to be banged doggy. Steve moves back to finish fucking Kimberly, then jerks his jizz over the gathered girls.

After a visit to the local market and a coffee in the town square, Syren sets out for the hills to sunbathe in her red bikini. The book she's reading makes her feel horny and Clark wanders by at just the right time. Caressing the bulge in his pants, Syren presses her boobs against his chest. The two make for the trees where it's quieter. Pulling out Clark's prick, Syren sucks. He tugs at the strings on her bikini and it falls away. Sinking to the ground, Syren manoeuvres herself over Clark's face and sits, dropping forward onto his cock. The pair 69. Stretched out on the towel, Clark lowers the bubbly blonde onto his cheb. Rolling over, Syren is shagged missionary before getting her pussy coated in Clark's cum.

Jasmine is another girl who heads to the woods for some sun and loses all track of time. The girls are going for a bike ride and Faye sets out to find her. Having missed out on their afternoon ride, Faye decides to punish Jasmine. Bent over her lap, she slaps her bum until it glows rosy red. Turned on, Faye rubs at her wet pussy and licks at Jasmine's arse. All thoughts of cycling are banished. Tops come off and Jasmine sucks at Faye's pert boobs. The girls tongue and finger one another's fannies.

Struggling to move some pots round the patio, Clark steps in to help Tanya with her outdoor reorganisation. To thank him for his help, she drops to her knees and sucks his cock. With her cerise skirt and bikini bottoms removed, Clark probes and tongues Tanya's pussy. Sitting on the wall, Clark eases Tanya onto his stiff rod. She slowly bounces. The couple make for the shade where, leaning against a large wooden table, Tanya is filled from behind. The two climb onto the table top where the shagging continues, missionary. The session ends with Clark covering Tanya's tits with his cream.

Out on the lawn, the group have a game of naked football come rugby. Hot and sticky from their endeavours, they make their way indoors to cool off. Seeing Keni's stiffening cock, Syren slips it into her mouth. It's enough to get the ball rolling and the gang indulge in an orgy. Faye and Carrie engage in some girl-on-girl action while Jasmine, Kimberly and Tanya seek out Clark and Steve's cocks. In a constantly changing melée of bodies, girls and guys suck and fuck till they're spent.

Like the other 'holiday' movies from Film Erotica, Lost in France relies a lot on natural light. So some of the action is a tad under exposed. And for those who are looking for a story line, there is little continuity between the scenes. The best way to watch it is as five vignettes, shot in beautiful countryside, with some of the hottest new talent about. Viewed like this, Lost in France isn't a bad little movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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