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Released: 2010
Director: Jim Slip
Notes: Jim Slip / Television X
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Running time: 127 mins.

With her stockings at the ready, Lara sets off along the south coast of England, and then into Europe, to rekindle the art of nylon wearing and enlighten a generation of girls who think straight seams went out with their grannies.

She starts her trip on a windswept beach with two World War II veterans, Jim and David. The pair recall how big a part nylons played in the war. Lara invites them back to her house to recall some happy memories. Standing to attention, Lara lets the old soldiers run their hands over her stockings and ogle her black panties. With the old boys sat down, Lara drops onto all fours. Her boobs pop out of her dress. The pair give her a spanking. Trousers down, the duo's weapons are ready for action. Lara sucks one as she eases the second into her pussy. The pair swap places as Lara strips out of her dress to ride the guys. Lying on the floor, Lara lets the two spank and shag her before jerking their loads into her mouth and over her bum. It's just like old times for Jim and Dave.

Lara's next trip to the seaside sees her on the promenade with Cyprus. In their summer dresses, the two girls admire each other's seams and chat about their nylon experiences. Cyprus's partner G tells of his adventures with stocking wearing hitch hikers. The girls promise a private nylon fashion show. With G slurping on his tea, Lara notices her nylons have laddered. While she's out changing them, Cyprus gets G to fasten her suspenders. Back in the kitchen, Lara gets Cyprus and G to check her seams. The two stroke their way up her legs. Cyprus licks her way up Lara's legs. Her tongue flicks out at her panties. Knickers eased down, she fingers and probes at her pussy. Jumping onto the work bench, Lara returns the favour while G laps at her bum. Heading for some softer seats, Lara lowers herself onto G's cock while Cyprus sits on his face. Both girls kneel to be fucked from behind before moving to 69. A little more riding, this time from Cyprus, and G squirts his spunk over their stockings.

Sarah and her boss Paul are attending a conference in Hove when Lara stops by to talk about nylons. When it comes to stockings, Sarah is a virgin. The three head off so she can learn. Sitting on the sofa, Sarah prepares to pull on some white seamed stockings. Lara lifts Sarah's dress to fasten her suspenders and calls on Paul to help. She dons her own tan nylons. Then both girls give a twirl and make for the bedroom. Stopping on the stairs, Sarah pops her boobs from her lemon dress and lets Lara lick. The two drop their panties to finger and tongue. Making themselves comfortable on either side of Paul, the pair pull at his pants and play with his prick. Sarah positions herself to be lapped while Lara swallows dick. Paul's shaft is nice and wet. Lara slips down it and rides reverse. Next Sarah takes her place on his rod, gently rocking. Legs raised, both girls are shagged missionary. Turning onto her side, Lara savours Sarah's snatch as she's filled spoons. Apologising profusely, Paul empties his cum over Lara's pussy.

On the banks of Budapest's River Danube, Lara meets up with the blonde Brandy. The pair head to her flat to try out some stockings. Taking a quick peek under Brandy's floral dress, Lara spots her panties. She's guided to the bedroom where nylons and toys await. Easing her boobs out of her red dress, Lara lets Brandy watch as she slowly rolls on her stockings. Brandy does the same. Lara moves closer to fasten Brandy's suspenders and her tongue wanders over the flesh above the welt. Knickers off, the girls play. Casting aside her dress, Brandy climbs onto the bed and bends over. Lara tongues and laps. The two twist round and roll back and forth as they 69. Grabbing a vibe, Lara works it deep into Brandy's pussy, then flops back, legs spreads, to be toyed. Lying across Lara's thighs, Brandy is probed and lapped. With their legs interlocked, the scene ends.

Back in Budapest city centre, Lara chats to newly weds Lily and Tony. The two are keen to see how nylons can help their married life. In the couple's bedroom, the girls strip and prepare for their stockings. Lara thinks Lily would look nice in pink, while she decides to wear ‘virginal' white. Dressed again, the two put on a show for Tony. Down on her knees, Lara raises Lily's black dress and tongues her shaven pussy. Her own dress off, Lara invites Tony and Lily to lap between her legs. Lifting Tony's tool from his jeans, the girls take turns to deep throat. Lily eases herself down on his damp length reverse style, then swivels round to face him. Lara mounts Tony's member and drops on all fours to be taken doggy. Tony showers his cream over his new wife's breasts.

In her bright summer dresses and long nylon clad legs, Lara gives Nylons a new lease of life as she shags her way across Europe. Crisply and cleanly shot, the ever consummate Lara shows she's at ease with both guys and girls in this nicly paced film. For those curious about the allure of stockings, Lara's World of Nylons is one to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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