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Released: 2010
Director: Amory Peart
Notes: Swank / Television X
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Running time: 127 mins.

American studios have been churning out parodies of well known (and not so well known) television series for some time and now the Brits are also looking to the small screen for inspiration with Life in Bras. Chasing a villain along the banks of the Tyne in Newcastle, Geordie detective Syren Sexton loses her footing, banging her head as she tumbles. She awakes to find herself transformed into a sex mad copper, circa 1973.

Back at the police station, Syren finds chauvinist Mark Sloane sitting at her desk. A mystery call tells her to go with the flow if she wants to get home. Letting her blonde hair down and slipping out of her leather jacket, Syren sits on Mark's knee. Undoing her blouse and bra, Mark fondles Syren's breasts. With her knickers falling to the floor, Syren can't wait to get her pussy licked. Stroking Mark's pants, Syren releases his prick and wraps her lips around his rod. Mark slouches back in the chair. Syren slowly sinks down on his length and gyrates. He gropes at her boobs as she rides him. Standing against the wall, Mark slips in from behind. They move over to the coffee table and continue shagging. Trapping Mark's dick between her feet, Syren wanks him until he showers her body in spunk.

Going under cover, Syren is sent to rock star Merlin's pad. Crashing down on a mattress, she undoes her dungarees and bra and lets him lick at her tits. Peeling down his leather trousers, Syren starts to interrogate Merlin's shaft. They twist round to 69. On hands and knees, Syren is being banged doggy when Big Buck arrives. She flops onto her back to suck his cock. Syren can't believe she is being fucked by two legends of rock and all in the name of work. Wanting something more kinky, she cuffs the boys as she rides their dicks. They shoot their loads over her body and then get nicked!

The next assignment is a swingers party which is being used by a gang of burglars. Things are in full flow with keys already swapped and Starr and Lala stretched out on a sofa. Lifting her long red dress, Lala feels hot breath on her pussy, before a tongue darts over her clit. She doesn't notice her keys are being copied. Pulling their pricks from their pants, it's the boys turn to be licked. The girls fill their mouths with cheb. Both couples 69, then, side by side, Lala and Starr are fucked missionary. Swapping partners, the pair settle onto cocks and ride them before dropping onto the floor to be filled from behind. Ready to cum, the guys spatter the girls with their cream as Syren swoops in for the arrest.

Hearing that infamous safe cracker Stefan Hard is on the loose with the code to a bank vault tattooed on his cock, Syren is tasked with finding out what it is and to stop him. She has an idea and sets up a trendy boutique. She then lies in wait for Stefan to buy some new clobber. Sure enough, he arrives and tries on some new pants. But Syren spots a problem - a bulge in the crotch! Kneeling before him, she starts to lick and sees the code. Lifting her silver dress, she slides down his cock. Slapping against his thighs, her dress falls from her shoulders to reveal a jade green bra. Syren turns to be shagged reverse. In her silver heels, she falls to the changing cubical floor to be hammered, doggy. The pair move to a shabby chic sofa for some spoons-style sex and the session ends with Syren getting jizz on her tits.

One more task and Syren can return to the present day. Nick Nightly calls in on his way to a match. Syren pulls him onto the bed. Does he not find her attractive? Fumbling, he unzips her dress and fondles her breasts with both hands. Syren strips down to her knee-length boots and rubs at the front of his pants. Prick out, she starts to lick, then swings her leg over so they can 69. Turning onto all fours, Syren eases Nick's dick into her pussy and bangs away. Plumping up the pillows, she lies back, squeezing her boobs as they shag. Spoons follows, along with some more missionary. DC Sexton gets covered in cum. Syren drifts off to sleep and awakens in 2009.

Life in Bras is a nicely paced parody featuring some clever period touches. With only three girls in the cast, the onus of carrying the film falls on Syren and happily, her performance is up to the job. Director Amory Peart has produced a film which holds its own against any from the States.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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