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Released: 2010
Director: Strangelove
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 177 mins.

In Ladies who Lust, Strangelove has taken some of the hottest girls around and put them in scenarios with a bit of kinkiness. Aleska Diamond, Angelica Heart and Lisa Sparkle join Cate, Francesca, Lolly and Michelle in a series of stunningly shot sexy scenes.

Standing at the top of the stairs, a besuited Lolly welcomes Michelle Moist and heads off to her office. Taking a seat, Michelle tells Lolly she's after a big black cock and is handed a catalogue to flick through and choose what she wants. Flashing her pussy at Michelle, Lolly makes a phone call. Licking her lips, Michelle slips off her long fur coat. Her hand makes its way to her panties. Opposite her, Lolly teases her swollen labia and beckons Michelle to come closer. Crouching, she rubs her tongue over Lolly's lips and lays her back to probe. The session is suddenly stopped by the appearance of Omar in breeches and a frock coat, looking every bit the Southern gent. Dropping to her knees, Michelle leaves lipstick rings on the bulge in Omar's jodhpurs. She takes out his dick and sucks it. Lolly joins her on the floor, wrapping her lips round Omar's prick. Settling down on the sofa, Omar eases Michelle's shaven snatch onto his staff. She balances on his thighs as she rides. On all fours, in her seamed stockings, Lolly takes the enormous length, doggy. The girls 69. Omar moves back and forth, adding his cock to the proceedings. As Michelle masturbates with a big black rod, Lolly squeezes Omar's length into her arse. Upended, Omar drives deep into Lolly's gaping bum. Lolly and Michelle kiss. Omar shoots his load over their faces.

In the next scene, a hooded and chained Ian Tait is tormented and teased by Aleska Diamond and Angelica Heart.

Tammie and Cate, wearing a spotty pink shower cap, share a bath. The girls sponge and soap each other's bodies. Fingers and tongues start to explore pussies and arses. Dried off and dressed in black striped stockings and a basque, Cate relaxes on a black leather sofa. She plunges a curved glass toy between her legs. Tammie wanders across the room in her fishnets and black heels towards some old stairs. She caresses her pussy with her black gloved hand as she watches Cate masturbate. Making for the sofa, Tammie stoops. Her tongue dances and darts between Cate's legs. Reaching over, Cate works a black rod into Tammie's pussy, then dons a red strap-on to take her missionary. Plonking herself onto a rocker, a plastic prick penetrates Cate's pussy as she moves back and forth. Down on all fours, Tammie gets some more strap-on action. Cate thrusts the false phallus deep into her friend. Holding a buzzing pink vibe against her clit, Tammie quivers with pleasure. Beside her, Cate uses a red toy on herself.

When Lisa Sparkle's break in attempt is thwarted by security guards, she decides that availing herself of their cocks is better than just leaving empty-handed.

Hair in bunches and wearing a mohair jumper, Francesca (as Valentina) sits in the darkened toilets of a seedy club. A rabbit buzzes away between her legs. The peace is shattered by a bowler-hatted Jay kicking down the doors of the cubicles. He eventually finds Valentina. Staring up at him, she fingers herself. Pulling Jay's prick out of his black leather pants, Valentina crawls towards him and sucks. The door swings open and Havana enters. The braces for her black trousers are pulled tight across her boobs. She watches, fondling her body as Valentina's lips work their way along Jay's cheb. Dropping her pants, Havana starts to finger. Valentina spots Havana's pussy and makes a beeline for it. Her tongue flicks away. Jay jams his digits into her snatch. Strung up in a harness, Valentina's legs are parted. Jay hammers home with Havana crouching down to lick the pair. The hoist slowly rocks. Flat on the floor in the squalid gloom, Jay lowers Havana onto his length to bounce. Next to them, Valentina pulls at her pussy and tits. The girls 69. Jay prods his prick into their pussies. Kneeling side-by-side, Jay bangs into the girls doggy, then fires his jizz over their bums.

With Ladies Who Lust, Strangelove mixes the sultry with the seedy in order to concoct an erotic cocktail. Lolly and Michelle as the wanton pair and Cate and Tammie in their kinky twosome hit just the right notes, as do all the guys and girls. New girl Francesca Morgan also puts in a fine performance as her innocence changes to fear, then a burning desire, for Havana Sin and Jay. Another top film from Harmony and Strangelove.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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