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Released: 2009
Notes: Bluebird Films
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Running time: 129 mins.

Ostensibly, Latinistas is filmed in sunny Southern California where Latin American girls such as Alicia Teaze, Layla Rivers and Jenaveve Jolie appear against a backdrop of graffiti daubed ghettos. Tagged on at the end of this All American movie is a scene totally out of keeping with the preceding 105 minutes.

In a long scarlet dress, Romana performs her interpretation of a flamenco dance. The only person there to watch is barman Pete O'Tool. She saunters up to the bar and downs a glass of wine. Romana wants more and eyes the bulge in Pete's pants. Kneeling, she unzips his dick and starts to suck. A string of beads bangs against her boobs as her head bobs. Knickers off, Romana lifts a leg onto the bar. Standing behind her, Pete slips his prick into her pussy. The two move to an alcove to fuck. The illusion of an intimate bar is shattered when the camera pans up to reveal a clutter of pipes and cables above the scenery. Down on all fours in stockings and red shoes, Romana is taken doggy. The two roll over to shag. Sex continues with Romana bent over a table. Then, standing astride Pete, she sinks down to ride him reverse. A little more bonking on the floor and Pete pops his load over Romana's stomach and boobs.

What had been a decent film is unfortunately spoilt by the last scene with Romana. With no bearing or relationship to the rest of the movie, it is poorly shot and produced. Surely someone must have realised when the camera was pointing skyward, giving a view of the glass roof to the studio. The five good scenes in Latanistas are let down by an amateurish British contribution.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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