< The London Sex Project 2: Experimentation R18 DVD available

Released: 2010
Director: Oliver McDowell (Justin De Santos in titles)
Notes: JoyBear
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 134 mins.

Shot in a documentary style, Oliver McDowell sets out to investigate the 'Party' scene in London. After meeting up with a contact, Jamie, he's put in touch with some web sites which may able to help.

The Voyeur
Tammy Lee and Rick have been on the experimental scene for some time. Tammy has met up with quite a few guys but now just wants to watch. Down the pub, the couple catch the eye of Shay Hendrix and the three agree to head back to their flat. Blindfolding their guest, Tammy runs her hands over Shay's tight leather trousers and licks at the nape of her neck. Lifting Shay's top, she sucks at her nipples. Rick joins in. The pair rub at Shay's crotch. Tammy takes a back seat when Rick releases his cock. Caressing his balls, Shay runs her studded tongue over Rick's length. Stripped, she's bent over the the sofa to have her pussy and arse licked. Rick presses his cheb against Shay's cheek. She swallows. Lying back, Rick eases into Shay. She turns over onto all fours to be fucked, doggy. From the other side of the room, Tammy encourages Shay to ride Rick. She bangs down reverse, then spins round to face him. Removing the blindfold, Rick jerks his jizz into Shay's mouth.

Although introducing Daisy and Satine, the next scene strangely involves Kathy Campbel.

The Submissive
Kathy agrees to take Oliver to a club to witness an S&M session. Tied up in knots, she's banged up the bum by the manager.

Oliver is invited to a party where he gets chatting to a few girls. Jordan Kingsley isn't one of them, but she appears in the next scene.

Open Relationship
Pairing up with John, Jordan Kingsley has her husband's approval to engage in extra-marital sex.

Gilda Roberts (as Meg Laren) is new to the party scene but quickly comes to terms with Sensi.

Hooking up with Daisy and Satine, James makes his way to the girls' flat. A bottle of wine eases the atmosphere, along with items of clothing, as Daisy sucks at Satine's pert boobs. Lying back, Daisy presses her bright red heels into James's crotch as Satine strips to her stockings. James's trousers off, the girls get their hands on his cock. Daisy holds the erect member while Satine takes it in her mouth. A bout of 69ing is followed by Satine lapping at Daisy's muff as she's banged from behind. A little riding from Daisy and the girls decide to play with each other. Ready for action again, Daisy drops on to all fours to be filled, doggy. The session ends with James shooting over Daisy's boobs. Clothes on, he leaves.

I have to admit I found London Sex Project 2: Experimentation disappointing. The documentary style intros to the scenes appear disjointed and have little relevance to the action which follows. The camera work is clumsy, with the picture going out of focus every time the shot zooms, and the editing is questionable. For an R18 XXX release there are a lot of 'softcore' shots with strategically placed bottles, plants and tables blocking the view of the action. This is a poor film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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