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Released: 1995
Director: Wesley Emerson
Notes: In-X-cess, VPN/Nutech DVD
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Running time: 81 mins.

Many consider the early to mid 90s as the golden age of American adult film - great girls, story lines, real acting and of course sex. Nutech have re-released some films from that era including Mindgames starring Tiffany Million, PJ Sparxx and the very wet Sarah-Jane Hamilton.

Tiffany has almost everything - an adoring husband, a large house, a good sex life and a drink problem. She also has a burning ambition to write a book. After shagging her husband she talks about renting an office. The home is stifling her creativity and she has seen just the place in a rundown area of town.

She sets up next to a therapist and starts to write, but hears every word from outside her office through the paper thin walls. Investigating a moaning she finds the landlord shagging a tenant in the corridor.

Back at the typewriter things aren't going well. Then Tiffany hears a voice that she thinks she recognises. They talk about college and Tiffany is transported back to her time sharing a room with Sarah-Jane. The two are having a pillow fight. Tired, they fall back on the bed. Locked together they start to kiss. Tiffany undoes Sarah-Jane's bra and rubs her large tits over them. Sarah-Jane resists as her knickers are pulled down. This doesn't last long as Tiffany rubs her boobs then her tongue over her pink pussy. The girls grind their cunts together, Sarah-Jane getting very wet. Moving, the two 69. Fingers and mouths work hard and fast in each other's fannies. Sarah-Jane squirts and Tiffany laps it up. Sarah-Jane wants to taste juice. Her digits dart back and forth in Tiffany's pussy as her finger probes her bum. Quivering she climaxes. The day dream is over.

Next day there is still little progress on the book, but the voices start again. She takes a swig at the bottle as she listens to lurid tales of her husband in threesomes, then stories of two-on-one sex. Convinced they are talking about her and her life and fuelled up on alcohol she bursts into the next door office to confront the therapist, but the room is empty.

Whilst not one of the better known films from this period, Mindgames is well made and brilliantly acted, even if Tiffany's flailing and thrashing mad scene is a little OTT. Coming from the end of the 'Golden' period those who want brash sets, shoulder pads and Ron Jeremy may be a tad disappointed. As compensation you do get Tiffany Million, Sarah-Jane Hamilton and PJ Sparxx at their best, which to me is a fair swap. A good evening's entertainment.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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