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Notes and Reviews

Directed by Dick Nasty

Uses virtually the same scenes as in other videos with differing scenarios for meeting the girls. If the scenes are different they are so similar that they might as well be the same. No facials.

  • Zoe (Dick Nasty's British Anal Babes; New Places, New Faces 2) same outfit, same room, different meeting, cums over backside rather than facial as in NPNF2
  • Kelly Hearne (The Brits Are Cumming 2, Dick Nasty's British Anal Babes) different meeting in each
  • Danielle Kelson (British Anal Babes, The Brits Are Cumming - filmed on a different visit probably)
  • Ashley aka Molly (New Places, New Faces 2) meeting at same location - House of Lords - in slightly different spot with different dialogue, obviously done one after the other - who says there's no acting in porn films? This scene is with Bob Scott with Dick Nasty taking over
  • Helen (brunette previously not seen but in Dick Nasty's British Anal Babes, judging by illustration of box cover), tattoo on left upper arm
  • Juliette Muir as Katy (Brits Are Cumming 2, Dick Nasty's British Anal Babes)
  • Randi Storm back in LA

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