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  • Kerry Harris as McCavity's Amateur Fantasy's
  • Suzy as McCavity's Amateur Fantasy's
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

1. and 2. as McCavity's Amateur Fantasy's.

In the first scene a man has a fantasy to see his wife fucked by another bloke. She is a large-ish, but well-proportioned and good-looking blonde Barbara (who later appeared in videos as Suzy). She has sex with the stud McCavity has brought along while the husband watches and films. She was reluctant at first, doing a good imitation of being nervous, but gets warmed up during the foreplay and goes through the positions, taking a cumshot over her tits. She wants more at the end, while her hubby, who at first appeared to be enjoying filming it, then getting jealous, says he would never do it again. Strange - as he appears as a stud in the next scene.

This features slim and pretty Kerry Harris who has a fantasy of being fucked by two men at once. She says she is a Swiss girl but has an appealing Scottish accent and is now living in Doncaster. They go through the gamut of positions ending in the McCavity trademark slo-mo facials (a pity the sound is also slo-mo). In the post-coital interview she claims she has had six orgasms.

Both girls are good-looking and appear to enjoy themselves a lot. This is good, basic, non-extreme porn.

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