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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Phil McCavity.

  • French girl Delfynn de Lage is lying on a bed, typing on a keyboard and responding to requests from the webcam. She uses a large orange dildo, including anal with lots of close ups. A man appears. He is naked from the waist down and she gives him a blowjob. Then he goes down on her. Phil McCavity also appears and gets a blow job while she is riding the first chap in the reverse cowgirl position. Various positions are then adopted, including her being fucked in the arse in the missionary position while using a dildo on her pussy. Phil McCavity cums over her chest and chin and the first chap cums over her back.
  • Violet Storm and Deb X are also on the bed performing for the webcam and doing requests. First Violet takes the requests and Debbie carries them out. She strips and uses a white dildo in the shape of a gun - I can't work out what this means in terms of phallic symbolism. Then Debbie feeds the requests to Violet - strip and dildo again, then lesbian action - masturbation and licking. Aaron appears and they jump on him and strip him, then give him blow jobs and fuck him in various combinations and positions. Finally Debbie wanks him off into Violet's face in a gravity-defying facial, shown in slo-mo.

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