< Making Ends Meet R18 DVD available

Released: 2006 (DVD)
Director: Alan Seamen
Notes: Adult Channel XXX / Hot Rod, R18 version of Adult Channel series
Alternate Titles
  • College Co-Eds Making Ends Meet DVD available USA, Spice Studios
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 86 mins.

One of the first things to say about this 86 minute film is don't believe the cover. Names are wrong, Jenna Lee appears as Charlotte (or maybe she plays Charlotte) and there are six short scenes, not five as listed. The scenario is simple. Six students sharing a house in Canterbury are skint; so to make ends meet they sell themselves for sex. All the scenes start with a wooden unspontaneous interview, the girls sounding as if they are reading off idiot cards. The action when it starts is better, however.

Student nurses Jamie and Helen are penny less and looking for a way to cheer themselves up and make a little money. Jamie pops into Helen's bedroom to borrow a book. Seeing her on the bed gets her horny and she soon has her jeans down and is fingering her pussy. Helen has never been with another girl before and now is her chance to try. She buries her face between Jamie's legs and licks. She likes what she tastes as the two 69. Girl on girl action is good, but Jamie realises it'll never make her any money. After answering an ad in the papers, Jamie becomes a call girl. In her tight black dress and heels she heads off to a large house. Sucking on the guy's dick, Jamie slips her fingers past her knickers into her damp cunt. Turning, the guy laps at her juices. Wanking is fine, but for the big bucks Jamie wants her pussy fucked. Opening her legs, the guy eases himself in. A little cock riding is followed by Jamie being taken doggy. As an added bonus Jamie lets the guy shag her arse. A few strokes and he cums over her stomach.

Drama student Alicia has taken to street walking to earn cash. In her short skirt, black top and boots she picks up her first punter outside a derelict factory. The two set off to a railway footbridge. The guy looks apprehensive as Alicia takes out her tits and unzips his pants to suck at his cock. Worried they may be spotted, they go back to Alicia's flat. In the warmth, Alicia strips. As she wanks the guy's dick, her tongue flicks over the head while her pussy and arse are fingered. For a few more quid the guy can fuck her. She slides down his shaft and starts to bonk. The couple move through various positions - cowgirl, doggy, missionary. Alicia has a special offer - her arse. The guy guides his cock up her bum. Pulling out, the guy jerks off over Alicia's pussy.

The next student we meet is Angie (Bev Thornton), working in a seedy massage parlour to pay her way through college. Karl Gent is her first client. Stripped, he lies face down as she rubs cream into his back. He rolls over and his cock is ready for action. He asks for extras and Angie strips out of the pink top and skirt to show what's on offer. She slowly runs her hands up and down his dick as she fondles his balls. Karl plays gently with her pussy lips and clit as she kneels on the massage table to taste his cock. Lying on the table, Angie's pussy is dripping wet. She fingers herself and licks it. She is aching for cock. Karl slides in his member and starts to hump. Angie moves to mount Karl's dick, rubbing on her clit as she rides up and down. The two turn over to finish doggy style, Karl spraying his spunk on her tummy. Wiping herself clean, Angie is ready for the next guy.

Morrigan and Delilah have a thing about fetish wear and decide to turn this to their advantage by earning a few quid on the side. The girls sit in their gothic room, Delilah in a tight silver corset, forcing her boobs to be squeezed out of the top, Morrigan beside her in black PVC. Guys sit wanking behind a two way mirror as Morrigan checks Delilah's pussy for signs of spunk. Sticking her fingers deep into her damp hole she finds none. She double checks with a large glass dildo. Making Delilah lie down, Morrigan rubs her fanny over her face then gets her to lap at her pussy. The guys thrash away as, with a toy squelching in her pussy, Morrigan groans with pleasure. The girls 69, licking and playing with each other's pussies, then standing in front of the mirror they toy themselves to climax.

The next student we meet is Charlotte (Jenna Lee). Broke, she has started work as an escort girl. In her white mini skirt and denim top she turns up at a posh hotel and ends up in a large suite with the guy. Not knowing what he wants, she suggests she starts by sucking his dick. Within a couple of minutes the two are 69ing on the sofa, tongues and fingers being stuffed into Charlotte's pussy. Sitting on the edge of the seat, Charlotte opens her legs to take cock. She lifts her leg onto the guy's shoulder as they hump. Going onto all fours, Charlotte plays with her clit while being filled doggy. The two change positions and she ends on top riding the guy. The scene ends with Charlotte having her body covered in cream.

Finally we revisit nurse Helen who has found a new souce of income - relieving patients in a posh private hospital. In a bedroom she lifts her skirt to reveal her red knickers pulled tight across her pussy. A not too posh guy ravishes and grabs at her cunt. With three fingers between her legs, she pops out her tits for the fellow to suck on and he then goes down to bite her bum. Pulling out his cock, her head bobs up and down on the shaft. After a long build up, Helen takes him spoons. She pushes herself up and the pair hump reverse cowgirl. The guy says he hasn't come in weeks and after a few probes from behind he fires over Helen's bum.

Whilst the action isn't too bad and the film is decently shot, the acting and build-up at the start of each scene is very weak ... though without it the film would be under an hour long. Not one of Adult Channel's better releases onto the R18 market.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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