< Mind Of A Horny Woman 1: Laura at the Office DVD available

Released: 2002
Director: Omar Williams
Alternate Titles
  • Fantasien einer englischen Schlampe 1 DVD available Tabu
  • Mind Of A Horny Woman 1: Laura DVD available USA, VCA title
  • Mind Of A Horny Woman 1: Laura the Office Girl
Notes and Reviews

VCA Xplicit label. Running time 74 mins.

Narrator Sarah tells us the story of Laura who, to help her through the day, dreams of shagging the office staff. Laura brings a file to Peter and in her dream she walks into his office in only a bra and panties while Peter is totally naked wearing only an erection. Blowjob then cunnilingus, we get the first sight of Laura's breast operation scars. Full body shots of shagging on the wooden desk. Doggy on top of the dark heavy office table. Either this is hard work or someone has put a ton of baby oil on the 2 performers bodies - they glisten like bodybuilders. Cowgirl on top of the table. Throughout Laura breathes and sighs like she is enjoying the action. She really does ride him well, a shame this is quickly changed to a doggy anal scene. The end of the scene has Laura masturbating then taking the ejaculation of Peter in the mouth.

Angel/Ashley Long find something wrong with a computer. They angrily call Laura because she was the last on the computer. The narrator says 'those 2 bitches want fucking'. Laura walks into a dream with only her bra and panties. The two girls are also on the table with only their bra and panties. We start off with some kissing and tonguing. The pussy rubbing and licking is accompanied by a repetitive 'Oh yeah!' from the girls. We gradually have all the girls without clothes, licking and stroking each others pussies as we go along. The scene changes to Ashley/Angel with their knees touching their shoulders, their backs on the table. Laura masturbates the two. Ashley does Angel with a red double-ended dildo - sliding on the table, it looks great with the dildo in both the girls.

We go back to the girls on their backs with their knees touching shoulders. Laura uses a red and blue dildo on each of the girls. It sounds like someone farts while the girls are in this position. Laura pumps the two girls while standing up. Laura looks good but has some of the worst plastic enhanced tits I've seen. When she is on the table being licked and stroked by Angel and Ashley she reveals some serious scar indentations. Laura then gets the double dildo treat. The blue in the arse, the red in the pussy. But where was/were the orgasm(s)? The scene ends with the girls kissing.

Laura, back in the real world, walks out of that office to see Omar and Morgan [5] kissing. Omar fingers Morgan's pussy. Laura watches around the corner. 'She surely can't take all that in her mouth, oh yes she can', says the narrator as Morgan sucks Omar's dick. In a tight corner Morgan stands on 1 leg as Omar holds up her other leg as he shags her. Reverse cowgirl as Morgan pumps up and down on Omar. There is some lying down spread leg shagging. Morgan gets a sperm facial to rub on her acne. This explicit action dissolves into the clothed groping performers.

Laura fantasizes about 2 other work colleagues, Michael and Donna (Morgan [3]). Laura teaches them how to have a good time. Morgan has a nice petite body. She seemed a bit restrained in her performance. It improves when Laura joins for a threesome. Laura kisses and strokes Donna as Donna rides Michael. Laura swaps for a more energetic cowgirl. The 2 girls suck Michael's dick. The scene changes to just the 2 girls kissing each other. The stud is just to the right, trying to keep hard. He seems to be off screen as some white stuff flys onto the girls' chests. Sarah (the narrator/host) has the most mouth-watering artificially enhanced breasts. She wiggles her way sexily through the 4 scenes.

Review by Joe King

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