< Mind Of A Horny Woman 2: Evi at the Health Club DVD available

Released: 2002
Director: Omar Williams
Alternate Titles
  • Fantasien einer englischen Schlampe 2 DVD available Tabu
  • Mind Of A Horny Woman 2
  • Mind Of A Horny Woman 2: Anal Evi DVD available USA, VCA title
Notes and Reviews

VCA Xplicit label. Running time 80 mins.

Sarah Louise, host/narrator, starts off the intro by putting her finger in her beautiful pussy and licking her moistened finger.

Today's story is about Evi, who works as a pool attendant in a health club. Evi, a convent girl, unleashes her fantasies. She dreams of a black male client. Evi, in black mesh underwear, strokes the males' length. This leads to a nice long blow job and tease session. We get some obscured doggy action, Evi is left a bit breathless. A tilted camera shows the glorious white on black cowgirl straddle. Some nice shagging on a chair, then some more clearer doggy, this includes anal. Evi has noisy breaths followed by "ah" every third breath. The cumshot is okay with most on Evi's tongue, lips and cheek. This is slightly ruined by the action being repeated from a different angle. Back to reality as Evi enjoys a cigarette outside.

Evi attends at end of a day at the pool, she fantasises about the 2 girls who are there. Denise and Teoni. The introductory kissing could have been better. The angles were just too obscuring. Teoni looks distracted while Evi is actually quite erotic. Teoni and Evi each take one of Denise's breasts to suck. Then it's Evi's turn, she is the best performer of the 3. The two others give her some attention. Denise gives a good moist licking of Evi's pussy. On the pool side, Evi and Teoni use the double ended red dildo. Denise using the red dildo on Evi shows a marked difference in performance. Evi is breathy and into the sex, while Denise is a bit quiet and restrained. While Evi is on top of Teoni, Denise aids the 2 girls with a double-ended dildo. Denise is amazingly silent. This could have been quite good. but the excellent Evi isn't helped much by the additional cast.

Evi takes the voyeur role (but hey, isn't this the very similar scene in Mind of a Horny Woman 1?) in the Omar and Karianna scene. Omar lightly spanks Karianna's fleshy arse. Omar lifts her leg and we see him slap her pussy. Karianna goes with the slapping and rubbing. There is a very similar piece of dialogue from MOHW 1. 'Oh yes she can' as she fits Omar's dick in her mouth. There is a fantastic worm's eye view of Karianna sucking Omar's cock. Karianna is enthusiastic and dirty talking. There is some noisy reverse cowgirl shagging. A supple Karianna is in the corner with her legs touching the walls. We get the classic shot of the 2 figures straddling each other, the male puncturing the soft pussy of the female. This leads to the 2nd anal scene. Karianna finishes off Omar with a ball licking blowjob leading to a squirty facial. Great stuff.

Evi fantasizes about the washing-machine repair man on her laundry day. After some terrible puns from the narrator, Evi starts a teasing blow job. Then shagging commences on top of the washing machine. Evi sounds different, more raspy in the moaning breathing. Some doggy style sex on the washing machine is not well lit. The anal sex includes some stabbing and gaping. The finish of the scene has the male with a not very visible cum shot. Evi manages to spread some out onto her chin and lips.

Pluses include Sarah Louise in the in-between segments looking absolutely mouth watering, the performance of Evi and the Omar/Karianna session. While the negatives include some dead lesbian minutes, some terrible one-liners from the narrator (via cameraman, editor, stills photographer - Wayne Reedman; 'it is the taste of things to come').

Review by Joe King

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