< Mind Of A Horny Woman 4: Jamie the Physiotherapist DVD available

Released: 2003
Director: Omar Williams
Notes: Big Willy Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Mind Of A Horny Woman 4: Jamie DVD available VCA
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 82 mins.

Silicon stuffed Sarah introduces, narrates and provides the links in this film about Jamie Woods, a physiotherapist at the local football club who spends hours daydreaming about sex.

In the first scene Luciana pops in to see Jamie for some work on her bad knee. As Jamie starts to rub, both girls are transported to her fantasy land. Track suit tops and baggy trousers transform into a blue bra and panty set for Luciana and for Jamie red bra, knickers and black fishnets. Jamie's leg massaging soon moves north of the kneecap. As she slips her fingers into Luciana's pussy, Luciana replies in kind. From there it doesn't take long for the girls to start to lick and finger fuck each other. Instead of a damp sponge, toys appear from the physio's black bag as both girls continue with their fun. The session ends with some double-ended dildo work to build up pussy muscle tone.

Next on the treatment table is Matt. His legs may be stiff but his cock certainly isn't and Jamie quickly solves that by taking it deep into her mouth. Jamie puts the stiffened member to good use, slowly sliding it into her pussy reverse cowgirl style and then having a good pussy pounding from behind. To show his appreciation and stamina Matt attempts to pile drive Jamie's pussy into the basement. This just excites her and she demands he does the same to her back door. Eventually Jamie is rewarded for all her hard work with a cunt full of cum which she slowly allows to drip out.

Off to lunch and Jamie sees Jenna and Kaye through an open door. Her mind switches to fantasy mode. The girls play with and lick each other's nipples before moving down for some pussy licking. Their slurps are interrupted when Omar joins in to provide some man meat. He lubricates Kaye's lips with his tongue before sliding his cock deep into her pussy while Jenna occupies herself with Kaye's nipple rings. Kaye then gets pumped full of cock on the floor, against the wall and on one leg. Meanwhile Omar has lifted Jenna with a leg over each shoulder and has his tongue buried deep in her pussy. The scene ends with Jenna wanking Omar off over Kaye's face.

Finally Jamie enters the dressing room where there are two out-of-condition players. Dreaming again, the baggy clothes give way to blue bra and panties and Jamie is soon licking the guys into shape. To build up their strength she gets both to start wanking, helping them along with her tongue. They are then allowed turns at pussy pumping. Having passed the first tests it's time to fill Jamie's arse with cock in as many positions as they can. With one in the bum and one in the mouth Jamie really stretches her muscles. The exercise is more than the boys can take and they end by dropping their loads over Jamie's face.

The quirky and old fashioned narration throughout the film adds to its charm and you can even forgive the noise of Jamie banging against the radiator in the final scene - it proves it's not shot on set, but on location.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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