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Released: 2004
Notes: Pornostatic / Rude Britannia
Notes and Reviews

More interracial fun and games from the Pornostatic team. Straight to the point action from the moment you press play.

Scene one involves Sarah Beattie in black stockings on a bed with a black guy. She soon releases his big cock, gives him a suck then gets a fine fucking in spoons and missionary before kneeling on the floor and wanking the guy to a climax - good facial.

Dark and exotic Sonia (Avalon) wears just a black slip and lots of gold jewellery. She immediately has a large, anonymous, black cock in her hand. Good and hard sex on the bed, good camera angles as Sonia is fucked against a mirror. Great curvy figure and perfect round tits. Good scene.

Lexi and Rachel girl-girl. Cracking start with close-up of Lexi's tongue slipping into Rachel's mouth. Kissing and sucking follows then Lexi reclines naked as Rachel pushes a two-pronged dildo up her pussy. Unusual interracial, shame we don't see more of Rachel in this scene.

Karla has a very smart suited and booted young man. She unzips his pinstripe flies and sucks his cock. Both undress and Karla bends over to take his cock up her pussy. Sonia joins in as the young man retires, so just gg here before the guy returns to spunk into Karla's greedy mouth.

Ebony, in black leather skirt and top, teases Jayce Xaveri on the bed, undresses him and sucks his cock. When Ebony is naked Jayce fucks her missionary, cowgirl, spoons and doggy. This scene has the most action and ends with an extraordinary amount of spunk splashed over Ebony's back, on which the camera lingers.

Kyla, in pretty pink underwear, has two guys on the bed and sucks their anonymous naked black and white cocks. She's fucked by the white one while sucking the black. Spoons and reverse cowgirl before she sucks the cocks again until the black one explodes over her face.

Finally Angel is on a bed with the massive Alonso Shaft - very professional scene with Angel very deeply fucked in all positions, especially on her back. Ends with big splash over her belly.

Pornostatic is carving out a real interracial niche in Britporn. This production retains many of the best bits from their previous releases - clean well-lit interiors, interesting angles, beautiful women and massive black cocks - but they have lost the irritating stray crew members in shot and incessant flash from the stills man (although there is still a little premature illumination). At just under two hours it's good value, although there are no extras, titles or credits. The box is very clear, with a straighforward description of the contents without hyperbole. Thoroughly recommended.

Review by Bayleaf

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