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Released: 2005
Director: Kip Inkula
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 153 mins.

Five British girls (Avalon, Eve, Keira, Roxy Jezel and Roxy Rare) are joined by Karima (French?) for this 2½ hour romp thought the fantasy dream world of Mark Slone's mind.

Strolling along the street Mark's eye is caught by Eve. He sets off to follow her home. Standing outside the bedroom window he watches as stocking-clad Eve takes Steve Hooper's cock into her mouth. Steve moves down to lick and finger fuck Eve's pussy before filling it full of cock. Turning over Eve is taken from behind as she has her arse fingered. Mark stands open mouthed as she slips Steve's cock into her bum hole for some more banging cowgirl style. Eve lowers herself back to finish with some horizontal anal before Steve covers her face.

Mark walks home where he fantasises he's a gardener at a secluded holiday villa where Avalon, Karima and Roxy Rare are staying. The three girls go indoors leaving Mark to get on with his chores. While Roxy goes off to her room Avalon and Karima are up for some girl-on-girl entertainment. Having stripped out of their beach togs the girls are soon involved in fingering and minge-munching action. Mark finds a bag belonging to one of the trio and returns to the house. He stands transfixed at the window watching Avalon and Karima in action. Then next door Roxy lies on the bed and fills her pussy with plastic. Mark is transported into the room where Avalon soon has her lips around his cock. The two girls now want to try his man meat between their legs as they eat each other's pussies. Roxy joins in taking Mark deep into her mouth where he fires his load. Was this a dream? Mark is back outside where Roxy sees him staring through the window. He's off, but Roxy is too quick for him. Catching him up, Roxy pushes her fanny into Mark's face and then forces him to lie down so she can ride his cock. The pair are hammering away, but then Mark awakes in his flat.

Back on the street, Mark is glancing and peering into house windows when he sees Keira giving Demitri a blow job in a shower. He can't believe his eyes as Keira bends forward to take Demitri's cock deep into her soapy pussy. More soap is applied and with legs splayed Keria has her arse filled with his dick. After some acrobatic pussy pounding Demitri fires his load over Keria's back.

As he walks down the street, Mark's mind wanders back to the girls in the holiday villa. This time he is hiding in the bushes while Roxy Rare and Karima indulge in some strap-on action on the beach. Mark is knocked out and awakes tied to the bed as Avalon's plaything. Here he is forced to eat pussy as she sucks on his dick (he doesn't put up much of a fight, mind). Avalon mounts his manhood bouncing up and down so hard that Mark's balls slap her bum. Now untied, Mark hammers away at Avalon from behind before spraying his spunk over her body.

The dream continues. Mark is back in the garden where Karima appears, strips and entices him into the living room. After sucking his cock she starts to ride him cowgirl when Avalon and Roxy enter. Mark is now faced with three pussies to satisfy. The girls play with each other using tongues, fingers and then toys whilst Mark is busy. The dream ends with all four collapsed on the sofa.

Mark's final dream involves himself with Roxy Jezel and Ian Tate on a large red chesterfield. Roxy sucks one guy whilst being finger and tongue fucked by the other. She then moves for a long spit roast session with the boys in various positions and then turns to have her pussy pile-driven by Ian. Stretching her bum, Roxy eases Ian up her arse while wanking Mark's member into her mouth. He then enters her pussy for some DP action. Finally Ian fires his load in Roxy's arse and as it dribbles out Mark covers her tongue with cream.

This is a very well done film. The plot is not too intrusive, the pace is right, the split screen shots work and there's hot action from all involved. Mark also deserves a medal for stamina appearing in well over half the scenes. Add Mind Fuck to your collection now.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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