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Released: 2004
Director: Kojo Black
Notes: Sweetmeats Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Muschiwichsen Extrem Tabu
Notes and Reviews

I had seen this Sweetmeats title but the drab brown cover never inspired purchase, then I was sent a copy to review. Nadia, as Nadia Star, introduces and links these six scenes which all start with an intimate interview with the protagonist.

The City Girl
In a nice dirty interview, Michelle Manzer describes her after work routine which includes removing her business suit, strippping to her white stockings and suspenders, pouring a glass of wine and pleasuring herself on the sofa with fingers then a standard-size silver vibrator.

After Rebekah Jordan's interview she is prepared for a full body massage from Denise D and Yolanda. After rubbing their hands all over Rebekah, Denise and Yolanda's attention moves to her pussy with dildos and finger massages, ensuring a well-satisfied client.

The Dreamer
In her interview, Nicky confesses to relationships with boys and girls and describes her fantasies before we cut to her waking up in bed and pleasuring herself with fingers and a couple of different dildos.

The Film Critic
Amanda Pickering spills the beans on a few sexual fantasies before stripping naked and masturbating with her fingers on a sofa. She introduces a pink butt plug into her bum and later a pink rabbit into her pussy. Nice full bush too.

The Student
Student Kylie tells the interviewer that she is studying sex; this is indeed true as the film cuts to her reading a book on sex while she lies on a bed. Undressing, she uses a decent-sized naturally shaped, but unnaturally pink, coloured dildo on herself. She is joined by Yolanda who strips to her black hold-ups and joins her on the bed for mutual dildo action.

The Orgasm Police
After her interview, Sally Huxley is fingering herself on her bed when she gets a visit from police officers Jackie Brown and Rebecca Jane Smythe. Jackie and Rebecca are concerned that Sally is wanking but not orgasming. So they take down her clothes (and their own) and everyone gets on the bed. While Sally gets the truncheon treatment first there are enough brightly coloured dildos for all the girls, including a double-ender for the officers, which makes sure all the girls come.

This is an excellent film, full of good ideas with a lot of very good looking girls giving themselves and each other a good time. Well shot in widescreen with good sound, lighting, editing and, at 2 hours long, good value. Extras include a slide show and some bloopers, most telling being those of Yolanda trying to do the linking pieces to camera - which is the nearest she got as she was replaced by Nadia, brought in to do a very professional job.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

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