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Released: 2005
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Rude Britannia / Pornostatic
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 129 mins.

Pornstatic have seven (not the eight it says on the cover) experienced and new babes who all like big black cocks for Mama Likes it Black. Whether you could call all the girls Mama is another thing.

Jodie, in her first film, appears in scene 1 and her double F assets are obvious as she is interviewed in black baby doll top and thigh length boots. Faced with a huge black cock she takes it straight into her mouth. Anjali joins to ease out and fondle Jodie's huge breasts. She also has a quick lick at the head of the monster. The cock is slipped into Jodie's ample cleavage for a tit fuck, the tip being tongued at each stroke. Jodie has another suck at the man meat whilst her pussy is played with, getting it ready for what it is about to receive. There is a look of surprise as Jodie is entered doggy style which quickly changes to a smile. She pants with pleasure as the cock is worked further and further into her pussy. Turning over, Jodie is filled again missionary-style, her tits moving rhythmically with every stroke. The scene ends with Jodie taking a mouth full of cream.

At the start of scene 2, Sara already has her lips firmly around a cock with the guy ready to give her pussy and arse a good tongue fucking through her turquoise knickers. As she bends over, Sara's big boobs bounce freely as the rubber clad cock is banged hard into her pussy. Lying back on the bed, she slips three fingers between her legs getting her hole nice and wet. She then puts her black-booted legs on the guy's shoulder to be entered again. The pair move to spoons where Sara has a good hammering, then it's back on all fours for some more doggy. The guy groans and his balls twitch as he fires in Sara's pussy. He then empties the cum filled condom over her arse.

With dog collars and leads, Karla and Avalon are being led astray by Sara. They are led to a bed and left alone to prepare. A large turquoise toy appears, Avalon pulls Karla's white lace knickers to one side and gives her pussy a good licking before sliding in the vibrator. Rubbing and licking Karla's clit, Avalon uses the toy to good effect pounding away on her pussy. Leaving Karla to play with herself Avalon fills her pussy with her fingers. Both girls are now nice and wet.

In a strange editing cut the action moves to Anjali wearing a fluorescent pink lingerie set and talking about having her pussy stretched with a big black cock. When it arrives Anjali exercises her jaws taking the dick deep into her mouth. The pink knickers are pulled to one side and Anjali is given a good tonguing. Once nice and wet, she leans forward over the sofa with one leg raised to be filled from behind. It's now her turn to take control and mounting the cock she moves in a circular motion to work it deeper and deeper into her pussy as the sofa gently squeaks. Turning to reverse cowgirl Anjali rubs hard on her clit as she bounces away. The scene ends with Anjali fingering her pussy as she use her other hand to wank the cock. In the interview she said the guy spurted like a fountain, but all he could manage was a dribble into her mouth.

Slightly chubbier since her last film, peroxide blonde Nadia is next up for cock and she doesn't have to wait long to fill her mouth. With one tit hanging out of her black top she takes the shaft deep down her throat, licks the guy's balls and comes back for seconds. Moving her black knickers to one side Nadia mounts the dick then moves to be taken spoons. Finally she bends over the arm of the sofa to be taken doggy-style before having her mouth filled with cum.

Sara appears again in scene 6 in red lingerie and black stockings. She says she is addicted to black dick, in her mouth, in her pussy, in her arse and, fortunately for her, there is some at hand. Having feasted on man meat Sara takes the cock in her cleavage for a tit fuck then slides it back into her mouth. Fingering herself as the guy wanks, Sara gets nice and wet. The cruel girl then decides she doesn't want her pussy stuffed after all and and takes the cock deep into her throat where he fires his load. The scene ends with Sara coughing up mouthfuls of spunk.

Chloe B, in a black baby doll and diamond choker, looks worried and well she might as she is faced with an 11" dick. After attempting to take it down her throat she has her pussy pumped in various positions, all in complete silence and with a pained look on her face. The scene ends with a cum shot on the tits.

Remember Karla? We left her in scene 3 with Avalon wet and ready for cock. Avalon, sick of waiting, has gone and Karla has had time to change outfits. But at last she gets what she has been waiting for - a nice big cock which goes straight into her mouth to tickle her tonsils. Loosening her black top Karla rubs the dick over her tits then continues with the blow job. With the end of the film fast approaching it's off with the knickers for a quick ride, hard banging spoons and more riding with a final facial cum shot.

From the mixture of new and experienced girls in the cast list Mama Likes It Black has everything you need to produce a sure fire winner, but it failed. The first 3 scenes were good, especially new girl Jodie, but things then fall apart. There's the strange edit at the end of scene 3 (where did Avalon go?). Poor lighting and shadows which dogged Nadia's scene. An indifferent performance by Chloe B and in the final scene camerawork which makes you feel sea sick. Very disappointing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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