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Released: 2006
Director: Phil Barry
Notes: Pumpkin Films
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Running time: 93 mins.

Phil Barry and Pumpkin's Diaries series starring Cathy Barry have been quite successful. Michelle's Thorne's Diaries follow the same format - a brief introduction to camera in front of a 'comic book' style background followed by five short well-shot scenes.

The film starts with some solo work. Michelle, in a bright red dress and heels, peels down her top to play with her tits. Bending over, she reveals her small red knickers pulled tight into her snatch as she rubs herself. Panties off, she pops a purple vibe between her pussy lips, opening her legs wide as she toys away till she climaxes.

Slim blonde Ellie Stone appears in the next scene with Michelle. The girls kneel on the sofa and start to kiss. Michelle lifts Ellie's pert boobs out of her black top and starts to suck as her fingers explore her panties. Parting her pussy lips, Michelle darts her tongue across Ellie's clit and into her damp hole before filling it with a vibrator. Ellie finds a transparent blue toy behind a cushion and eases it into Michelle's fanny. The pair wank away till they orgasm.

Michelle sucks on Juicy Lucy's erect nipples as she unties her white blouse to get her tits out. Lucy leans forward to lick them. Pulling down Lucy's knickers, Michelle wants to sample the smoothly-shaven snatch and her tongue dances up and down her lips. The girls find a slim flexible toy which Lucy takes deep into her love box, Michelle forcing her fanny into her face as she wanks. Pulling on a strap-on, Lucy pumps Michelle's pussy with her prosthetic prick. The two turn so she can ride the pink plastic till she sighs with pleasure.

Michelle finds Starr riding the exercise bike in the gym. Suddenly she stops, grabbing her thigh. She is helped to the treatment table where Michelle starts to massage her pulled muscle. She pulls down her shorts and Michelle's fingers wander and are soon deep inside Starr's pussy working away. The pair strip, running their tongues over each other's bodies before settling down between the legs. The girls indulge in a long session of sucking and finger fucking before using toys on each other to climax.

The final scene takes place in a bar. Michelle talks to Lorna Lace as Leon pours the drinks. The girls go to play on the pool table but it's not balls they are interested in. Peeling down Lorna's black top, Michelle nibbles on her nipples. She then lifts her own tits out of her silver bra to be sucked. Leon joins them, Lorna lapping at his cock as Michelle wiggles her tongue over her arse. Bending over the table Leon pops his cock into Lorna's pussy as she buries her face in Michelle's fanny. Michelle sits on the edge of the table in her pointy silver boots watching and wanking as Lorna rides Leon reverse. Moving round, Michelle licks at Lorna's bum as she is being shagged, lots of Ooos and Aahs, but the scene ends without a pop shot.

This is a nice enough film without being outstanding. If you are a fan of Pumpkin's previous Diaries series or just want to see Michelle in plenty of girl/girl action the film is definitely for you. For the rest it's a gentle evening's viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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