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Released: 2006
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Rude Britannia / Pornostatic
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 145 mins.

With DiSanto you're never quite sure what you are going to get. His recent releases on Killergram look rushed and have been marred by poor picture quality and indifferent camera work. Mama Likes It Black 2 however, is completely different - well shot and well lit, and with seven fine girls. How does he swing from one extreme to the other?

Those who are hoping to see Sarah Beattie in some new work will be a little peeved with the first scene which is a direct lift from European Wife Sluts, though with slightly better picture quality.

In her white roll-top jumper, shorts, knee length boots and white fedora, Anjali appears in scene two. She is just in the mood to take on Mr Shaft. Opening her mouth wide, she fills it with cock and saliva runs down over her hand as she wanks the massive tool. With her cheeks bulging, Anjali fingers herself, getting ready to take the 12 inches plus of meat. She slowly sinks the length into her pussy and starts to ride. Top off, Anjali's tits joggle wildly as Shaft bounces his balls against her thighs. With her down on all fours, Shaft eases himself back into Anjali's cunt. She rocks back on his cock, screaming she is going to cum. With Anjali licking his nuts, Shaft jerks himself off, shooting his load over her face and mouth.

Looking a little plumper round the middle, Felicity is dressed in a flowing white top and skirt. She has come to take cock, black cock. She soon has her head buried between a guy's legs, his dick down past her tonsils as she swallows up to the balls. Felicity then uses her tongue to wash his nut sack. Ripping open Felicity's white tights, the guy sets about devouring her pussy and arse. Her boobs fall out as he fingers her bum and fanny. Mounting the guy, Felicity holds up her dress as she slides down his dick. Moving to missionary, she holds her heels to stretch her legs wide open as the guy pounds at her pussy. Ready to cum, the guy pumps a good load of cream into Felicity's mouth and it dribbles over her chin.

Beverley, in her black lingerie and stockings, is next to feel the force of Mr Shaft. Licking her lips, she wraps them round the condom clad cock and starts to swallow. All the sucking has Bev nice and wet. Stretching her lips, she slips his cock into her moist hole. Bev rolls to be fucked spoons then shuffles herself to the end of the sofa, where, with her tits pressed hard into the arm, she is done doggy. She sighs with each rhythmical thrust. Anjali, camera in hand, films the expression on Bev's face as she rides the cock again - pleasure mixed with a slight grimace. Bev rubs hard on her clit as Mr Shaft empties his balls over her tits.

Having ridden the Shaft once, Anjali, in a halter-neck goldie-brown dress, prepares to take him on again. Gagging, she forces his cock down her throat, then laps at his spit-covered balls as she rives at her pussy. Shaft lies back and Anjali buries her head between his legs, lapping and swallowing. Stretching her pink pussy wide, Anjali fingers her arse as she slides down his shaft. The pair flop onto their sides and Anjali's boobs bounce out of her dress as she is bonked. All the action makes her cum. Grabbing the shaft, Anjali's hand becomes a blur as she jerks him off into her mouth. She licks at his cream.

Alicia has found a new boy to play with and has locked him in the bathroom. Taking off her white bra, she holds his head between her tits. Pulling at his pants, she wraps her lips around his cock and swallows him down to his balls. With the guy balanced on the edge of the bath, Alicia watches herself in the mirror as she gives a blow job. A long wanking session and the two head for the bed. Alicia has her minge munched then pops his prick into her pussy. After riding the guy's cock, Alicia props herself against the side of the bed to have her arse piledrived. The scene ends with Alicia sitting with her bum stuffed with dick.

Crouched behind the door, Avalon, draped in a pink sari, plays with her pussy through her black knickers. Pulling open her pussy, she slides in a glass dildo and her clit appears magnified through the glass. Looking up, the Shaft has appeared. She wanks him into her mouth, banging his bum against the door. Avalon continues to penetrate her pussy with the toy as she sucks on the huge cock, jerking hard on the dick. Shaft squirts in her mouth and she rubs his spunk over her lips.

With her new blonde hair, Sheena sits on DiSanto's sofa in her white bra and trousers. She is looking for cock. DiSanto unzips his pants and Sheena takes his dick in her mouth. Removing her bra, DiSanto plays with her tits, but she is a little reluctant to drop her trousers. As Sheena wanks on the cock, DiSanto manages to get her pants down. Moving back to the sofa she rubs hard at her knickers as she takes spunk over her face.

The film is top quality, even the repeated first scene. Let's hope DiSanto and the team can keep it up. It's also nice to see and hear the rasping voice of Yorkshire's Sheena. Let's hope she does a little more demanding work soon.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

Bayleaf's view (April 2006):

Through a window, two black dudes watch Sarah, in basque, holdups and boots, wanking on her bed. The guys join her and strip off so that she can have a good suck on both their cocks.while their fingers stretch Sarah's pussy wide. Fucking follows, mainly in spit roast until one guy comes over her face and the second over her pussy, although this is missed and only the results filmed.

Anjali has a retro look all in white - woolly sweater and woollen trilby and hotpants - as she sucks hard on a big black cock. Naked from the waist down, she fucks the guy in cowgirl on a bed as the camera moves outside to film through the window. Anjali pulls her top off, leaving just a diamante belt and her white boots as she's fucked doggie style. Scene ends with a facial by the french windows.

Felicity (white top and ra-ra style skirt) takes on another naked black guy. She sucks his cock then the guy rips Felicity's thick white tights to get his tongue in her pussy. More oral both ways as Felicty gets her tits out, then she fucks the guy cowgirl on the sofa followed by deep penetration in missionary. Fine cum in mouth to finish.

Bubbly Bev Cocks has come to get fucked by Alonso Shaft. Wearing just black lingerie, Bev is ready for action with the Shaft, who is already naked. She sucks his cock, curiously already sheathed in a black condom, then she removes her bra and pants and is fucked reverse cowgirl. Bev's nicely hirsute pussy is further fucked in doggy, missionary and reverse cowgirl on a large white sofa and the scene ends with the Shaft wanking over her tits.

Anjali and Will agree the temperature is too hot to do anything but fuck - which may explain why Anjali wears just a short halter-neck dress and no knickers. Once again her partner is naked and presents his massive black cock for inspection before fucking her in all the usual positions on a big white sofa. Ends with Anjali wanking the cock to climax.

Alicia, in pretty white underwear, walks along the hall to the bathroom, where a black guy waits for her. Releasing his cock from his black jeans, Alicia sucks his cock hard before moving to the bedroom for a hard fuck. The naked pair start in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl before slipping off the bed where the guy gives Alicia's arse a piledriver pounding. Returning to the bed, Alica takes the full black length up her bum in doggie then reverse cowgirl, but despite more mouth action the guy fails to come and the scene fades to black.

Back in the hall, Avalon is writhing on the laminate flooring, wearing some sari-pink silks. She undresses and gives her pussy a tickle with a clear plastic dildo before wrapping the silk around her head when some black cock arrives. Kneeling, she continues to suck cock while pushing the dildo up her pussy until the guy comes in her mouth.

In the final scene, Will interviews Sheena McGrath (now with blonde hair cut in a bob) who sits on the sofa in white bra and skin-tight jeans. After a while Sheena leans forward and unzips Will’s jeans and takes his cock in her mouth. Slipping off her bra and then her jeans she continues to keep her lips clamped around Will’s cock. The scene ends with Will wanking over her tits while Sheena fingers her pussy.

Lots to enjoy in this film with some attractive women getting plenty of big black cock. Mostly shot in the familiar DiSanto house style, i.e. well-lit contemporary white-walled apartments with wood laminate flooring. Unfortunately this style is abandoned in Felicity's scene as Will turns his lights off, opting for a single camera-mounted spot, acceptable for the dogging series but confusing here as the main lights switch on and off between takes. The film is not well-structured, lacking a good finale as the last two scenes are bj only. The DiSanto factory is producing a lot of material at the moment which may explain why this film looks a bit short on imagination.

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