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Released: 2006
Director: Paul Carder & Sam Stonehill
Notes: Adult Channel / Hot Rod
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Crazed MILFs 2008 Spice Studios
  • Milf Mucky Mums Adult Channel / Union Films
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 84 mins.

MILF is the word of the moment and even movies with perfectly good titles, such as Mucky Mums, have to have their names changed to fit in with this vogue. Shot in 2006 for the Adult Channel, five uncut scenes have been repackaged and re-branded as Anal Crazed MILFs.

Kym has had problems with some dripping and calls on Danny for help. After a good rodding, Kym's down comers are clean but Danny is covered in muck. She asks if he wants to shower. Seeing Danny wrapped in a towel, Kym has another little job for the handyman. Kneeling between his legs, she laps at his cock, then sandwiches the wet member in her cleavage. Falling back onto the sofa, Kym drops her denim skirt and knickers. Danny's tongue dances over her pussy. Turning over, Kym climbs onto Danny's dick and rubs her boobs as she rides. The two twist around. Kym ends with her feet on Danny's shoulders as he bangs into her bum. Her boobs squashed into the sofa, Kym is taken from behind. Ready to cum, Danny floods her mouth with cream.

Stressed after a long day in the office, business suited Freya asks CJ to massage her shoulders. It works wonders on her back, but what about her feet and legs? CJ rubs and sucks at her stocking clad toes. Hands move up Freya's thighs and towards her black knickers. CJ is soon munching on muff. Retiring to the bedroom, Freya pulls down CJ's pink panties and pounces on her pussy. The girls strip, pressing their bodies together. Sitting on CJ's face, Freya falls forward and the pair 69. A selection of toys emerge from the bedside cabinet. CJ has a pink vibrator pushed into her pussy. She buckles up a strap-on to take Freya doggy. The session ends with the duo sharing two double-ended dildos, DP'ing each other.

Taking delivery of her new TV, Ashton asks Steve Hooper if he'll help her set it up. Seeing Ashton in her green silk petticoat, he immediately says yes. To show her appreciation, Ashton unzips Steve's pants and runs his cock around her lips. Holding his shaft, she swallows. Peeling down her knickers, Ashton's eyes light up as Steve licks her pussy. Kneeling in front of him, she gently backs onto his cock. Rolling over, Ashton stands astride Steve's shaft and slowly sinks down. The pair fall onto their sides where she guides his dick into her arse. Rubbing her clit, Ashton gets her bum plundered. Steve pulls out to coat her stomach with jizz.

Seeing Starr struggle with her shopping, Danny offers to carry her shopping home. Back at her flat she catches him glancing at her arse as she bends over to put things away. Starr has a treat for Danny. Lifting her boobs from her bra, she gets him to bite at her nipples. Danny's hands explore Starr's knickers. Noticing a bulge in Danny's pants, Starr yanks them down and starts to devour his dick. Sitting on the edge of the kitchen table, Starr spreads her legs and holds Danny's face against her fanny. Dripping wet, she wraps her legs around his back and pulls his dick towards her pussy. Heading for the sofa, Starr fingers herself while Danny bashes away at her bum. Sliding off the sofa, she is pile driven up the arse. Taking control of the situation, Starr plonks herself down on Danny's prick and grinds away. He fires his load over her face.

The final (bonus) scene is out of keeping with the rest of the film and sees a PVC clad Kimberley in her gothic mansion, legs dangling over the arms of a large wooden chair. She summons her slave forward and instructs him to lick. The slave's tongue flicks over her black clad body. Placing the guy in the stocks, Kimberley teases him with her pussy and arse. Tying him to her bed, she drips wax over his body. Handcuffed, Kimberley forces her fanny into the guy's face. He laps at her pierced clit. Back on her throne, Kimberley rides the guy cowgirl. She swaps places to get fucked up the arse. A bit more bonking and Kimberley gets her face covered in cum.

The scenes in this film are a bit hit and miss. Some look like professionally shot studio productions while others are filmed with what ever light is available in someone's back bedroom. While the four main scenes are in keeping with the Mucky Mums theme, the final section with Kimberley appears to be slotted in from a completely different film. Probably to make the running time a decent length. It's worth watching once to see some rare footage of Ashton, but hard to justify a second viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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