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Released: 2006
Director: Paul Carder & Sam Stonehill
Notes: Adult Channel / Union Films
Alternate Titles
  • Anal Crazed MILFs 2 2008 Spice Studios
  • Milf Mucky Mums 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 105 mins.

The second installment of Adult Channel's Mucky Mums (released in the States as Anal Crazed MILFs 2) contains a host of 'more mature' girls in their full glory. Unlike the first in the series, the five scenes here are more coherent and in keeping with the UK title of the film.

Out in the park, masseuse Wendy helps jogger Demitri with an attack of cramp. With her healing hands sorting out his leg muscles, Demitri asks Wendy if she can do the same for the rest of his body. The pair make for Wendy's flat where her treatment couch awaits. Changed into her short white uniform, Wendy rubs oil onto Demitri's body. Undoing a button or two, her boobs brush against his chest. Demitri's pants off, Wendy pays special attention to his cock. Her tongue flicks over the tip before she takes it in her mouth. Stripped to her stockings, Wendy places Demitri on the floor and sits on his face. Dropping forward, the two roll round as they 69. With a look of surprise and pleasure, Demitri thrusts his dick into Wendy's pussy. Climbing onto the treatment table, she impales herself on the erect man meat. With Demitri's dick in her arse, Wendy falls onto her side to be fucked. Lying back, with her legs wide, Demitri pounds away at Wendy's bum. Pulling out, he squirts his load over her stomach and tits. Another session next week?

Danielle calls round to see a friend, but only her daughter Faye Dixie is home. Slinking off to her bedroom, Faye leaves Danielle to make some tea. Taking a cuppa up to Faye's room, she finds the naughty schoolgirl with her fingers in her cunt. Danielle thinks it's about time Faye experienced an older woman's touch. Climbing onto the bed, she lifts her short skirt and peels down her panties. Faye squirms as her snatch is sucked. The pair tumble over, with Faye's fanny in Danielle's face. Dropping onto Danielle's pussy, Faye may be young but she knows how to tongue. Reaching into her toy box, a vibrator appears. Faye plunges it between Danielle's legs. Holding the buzzing toy upright against her clit, Danielle teaches Faye to ride. Turning over onto her face and with her bum high in the air, Danielle urges Faye to jab in the toy. Lesson over.

Admiring the art in a gallery, Georgina is approached by Mark Sloane. He tempts her with a private viewing of his works - an offer she cannot resist. Security guard Dougie spots the two kissing and caressing and steps in to stop them. With her boobs already out of her jacket, Dougie decides to join in. Georgina raises her tweed skirt to let the boys lap at her black knickers. Undressing Dougie, Georgina plays with his prick. Mark moves beside her and she fills her mouth with his manhood. Her panties down, Georgina leans back on a table with Mark between her thighs. The boys swap. Georgina sucks on cock while she's shagged. Getting Dougie onto his back, Georgina slides his cock into her arse. Mark adds his own prick to her pussy. The three bang away till the boys are ready to cum. Georgina gets her face spattered.

Carly and Steve Hooper are looking for ways to spice up their sex lives and have arranged for Frankie to make a visit. Climbing onto the bed in her striped basque and stockings, Frankie presses her lips against Carly's panties. Steve watches as the two 69 in front of him. The pair turn their attention to Steve's prick. Frankie laps at his balls while Carly swallows his head. Frankie's nipples go hard and erect as she lowers herself onto Steve's man meat. She jumps off to let him jab his dick into Carly. With the girls lying on top of each other, Steve yo-yos from pussy to pussy. While Steve pushes his prick into Carly's arse, Frankie stands over the couple frantically fingering her fanny. Her juices drip over the fucking duo. The girls kiss. Steve jerks his load over their faces.

Tammy is practising her ballet moves with teacher Avalon when DJ enters the studio. Inviting DJ into the middle of the dance floor, the girls plan to put on a show she won't forget. Pulling down her top, Tammy lets Avalon suck at her tits. With fingers slipping past her pink panties, Tammy leans forward to munch at DJ's muff. Stretching out on a table, Tammy takes down her ballet tights to let Avalon and DJ at her pussy. Stripped out of her tutu and points, Avalon lies on the floor to be licked. Throwing DJ into a large beanbag, the girls rive at her clothes to get at her pussy. Grabbing a glass dagger, Avalon plunges it into Tammy's pussy. She writhes with excitement. A sparkly double-ended dong is eased into Avalon. She adds the glass rod to her arse. With no toys left to play with, the class is over.

Whilst four of the scenes in Mucky Mums 2 are commendable, the film is let down by the final encounter in the ballet class. The three girls in the scene do their best, but it appears someone has forgotten to put the lights on and all the action is shot in the gloom. What could have been a decent film is marred by lack of illumination at the end.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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