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Released: 2007
Director: DiSanto
Notes: Killergram / Playhouse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 138 mins.

Ever inventive, Di Santo and the Killergram team have turned their attention to the more 'mature lady' who wants to humiliate her husband by having sex with a stranger. Seven super girls line up to fulfil their fantasies and get fucked hard.

In denim and long red boots, Mandy Milton (as Angel Ray) has forced her husband, beside her on the sofa, to hide his face with a box. All he wants is Mandy to be happy, even if it involves her riding another guy's dick. A faceless stud appears. Mandy wraps her lips around his man meat and fills her face. Her tongue flicks its way along the length. A hand reaches out to tug at Mandy's pierced clit. She falls forward onto her husband's lap. Allowed to look but not touch, he watches as Mandy is taken from behind. Rolling over, the shagging continues. The husband grabs at her tits. Mandy makes him move. Kneeling, she gets rammed hard. The session ends as Mandy gets a mouth full of cream.

Blonde Ava Martin shares the sofa with Anjali. Both girls have the same thing in mind... Cock! Running her hands over her fishnet clad legs, Ava can't wait for the dick. When it arrives, her fingers can only just span it's girth. Ava has no problems when it comes to taking it in her mouth though. Anjali joins in, licking the mighty shaft and taking turns swallowing the head. Black panties pulled aside, Ava readies herself. Kneeling with her dress gathered around her waist, she backs her pussy onto the cock. Gently rocking, she groans. Anjali tastes juices from the shaft as Ava positions herself to ride reverse. With the two bouncing beside her on the sofa, Anjali fingers and stretches her shaven snatch. With Anjali stroking her long blonde hair, Ava is fucked spoons. She pants as her cunt is filled with cum.

DiSanto has been trying to get Carly in front of his camera for years and at last she's agreed to appear. Lounging back on the sofa, Carly pulls her panties tight into her pussy and rubs. DiSanto has arranged something special for Carly - two big dicks. She starts to suck. The boys peel down her red top and play with her tits as she gags on the cocks. Knickers off, Carly slides her pussy down on one prick as she licks at the second. Swapping guys, the banging continues, Carly dropping to be filled doggy. Cramming both cocks into her mouth, Carly still wants more fucking. Her arse pulsates as she's shagged missionary, then spoons. Sitting back, Carly gets her face covered in jizz.

Dressed in a fuchsia top and denim skirt, Daisy discusses the piddling size of her husband's dick. He sits beside her with his head in a bucket! The guy DiSanto has for Daisy has something bigger to offer. Licking her lips, she sticks the cock into her mouth. Her cheeks pull in as she sucks. Daisy's top off, the boy plays with her tits and pokes his prick past her tonsils. Daisy drops her skirt. Sitting the boy on the sofa, Daisy slams herself down on his dick. She smears her wet pussy against her husband. Daisy pushes herself up from spoons to ride reverse. Dropping onto her back, Daisy's swollen pussy is hammered. The guy cum's over her bum. Standing above her guy, Daisy lets the spunk drip onto his bucket.

Smouldering and sexy, Georgina sits on DiSanto's sofa smoking a cigar. She quickly replaces this with two dicks. Gently tugging at the man meat, Georgina feeds the guys into her mouth. Turning onto all fours, Georgina pulls down her turquoise fishnets and slides a cock into her pussy. Shuffling along the sofa, Georgina sucks on the second dick. Ripping into her fishnets, Georgina sits up and a prick penetrates her hairy snatch. Removing her sparkly top, the two play with Georgina's breasts as she rides cowgirl. Turning round, she moves from cock to cock. Crouching, Georgina jerks the guys over her face and tits.

The last girl to appear is Josephine. Lifting her big boobs out of her black top, she licks at her nipples. Opening her mouth wide, Josephine stretches her lips around the big shaft and swallows all the way to the balls. Her black knickers off, Josephine lies back to sandwich the cock in her cleavage. Her tongue darts out over the tip. Bending forward, Josephine's breasts brush against the cushions as she's shagged doggy. Rubbing at her clit, Josephine falls onto her side for some spoons action. Her pussy dripping, Josephine goes for a ride. The guy showers his jizz over her tits.

There is no doubt that using more 'experienced' girls pays dividends when it comes to sultry performances and the seven here certainly know how to turn it on when it comes to sex. It's therefore a tad disappointing when the technical production doesn't match up to the action. A lot of the film is shot in close up - very close up - which means with any movement, such as bonking, the picture goes out of focus - and it does. A minor point, but it means the film is only good instead of great.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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