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Released: 2007
Director: Mark Cremona
Notes: Collateral Damage
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Running time: 102 mins.

Released in 2007, the scenes in this Mark Cremona DVD seem to have been shot over the previous couple of years and include some of Britain's best loved girls. Appearing alongside Faye Rampton, Avalon and Roxy Rare, is a young Lolly Badcock in some rare, early boy/girl action.

Sitting either side of a table, Roxy and Tiffany have their hands clasped round a purple rabbit. The girls lean together and kiss. Climbing onto the table, they tug at each other's tops and tease tits. Taking the toy, Roxy plunges it deep into Tiffany's pussy. The duo manoeuver and tongues dart over clits. A guy arrives. The pair lose interest in each other and grab his dick, taking turns to fill thier mouths. With Tiffany sitting on the guy's face, Roxy lowers herself reverse cowgirl onto his cock and rocks. Swapping places, Tiffany gets a chance to ride the staff. With both girls bent over, the guy fucks them from behind. He flops onto a dining chair and the two slide onto his cock. Roxy and Tiffany crouch to have their faces spattered with cum.

Avalon sunbathes on a roof terrace in long black boots, shiny PVC basque and sunglasses. A string of pearls hang from her neck. Lying in the summer sun, she runs a hand over her tight black panties, then heads indoors. Picking up a flesh coloured vibrator, she plunges it deep into her pussy. Two cocks appear either side of her face as she wanks away. Discarding her toy, Avalon starts to suck. The boys fill her mouth and throat. Bouncing away on a dick, the lace on Avalon's basque works loose, letting her boobs bounce free. She twists to be spit-roasted. A session of spoons interspersed with cock swallowing follows and the guys jerk their jizz over Avalon's sunglasses. Reaching for her toy, Avalon plants it back in her pussy.

A silver vibrator in hand, Faye teases her nipples through her sheer negligée, then, moving to the bed, slips it past her panties and into her waiting pussy. Ian arrives at her side already erect. Grabbing his staff near the balls, Faye takes the tip in her mouth and dribbles down its length. Hanging her head over the edge of the bed, Faye gets her throat fucked. Turning onto her side, Ian joins her on the bed and the pair shag spoons. Faye moves to all fours. Ian thrusts into her pussy, doggy. The two twist over. Faye eases Ian into her pussy reverse, then slips his prick into her arse for more riding. Faye sits up open-mouthed as Ian empties his load over her tongue.

Clad in black leather lingerie, Avalon and Cheryl caress each other's bodies. Gloved hands run over boobs and bums, and tongues flick out at nipples. Dropping to the floor, Cheryl licks her way up Avalon's thigh length boots towards her pussy. A sudden change in the mood music heralds Mark's arrival. The girls lap at his torso as they fondle his dick, then take turns wrapping their lips round his shaft. Licking at his length, their tongues meet at the tip. Shifting, Avalon sits on Mark's face while Cheryl's mouth takes care of his cock. The girls swap. Cheryl smothers Mark with her stubble covered snatch. Avalon slowly sinks down on Mark's manhood and gyrates against his balls. Cheryl prefers to do her riding reverse. The girls 69. Mark moves back and forth fucking the pair. They kneel and wank his cum into their mouths.

Lolly is alone in a hotel room, stretched out on the bed in her black boots. A silver vibe buzzes away against her pussy. Parting her pussy lips, she slips the shiny toy in deep and works away. As she squeezes on her tits a guy appears. Her panties off, he laps at her pierced clit. Lolly holds his head as he licks. Straddling his face, Lolly slumps forward to 69. She fills her mouth with his member. Panting, she lowers herself onto his length and gyrates. Dropping forward, her boobs hang from her black teddy as she's banged doggy style. Lolly slides off the bed. Upended, she's pile driven in the pussy. Mouth open, the guy squirts his cream between Lolly's lips. She smiles and swallows.

Mind the Gap is a good film with a few minor problems. Focusing on close-ups, the action throughout is a little wayward and takes time to settle down. This niggle is more than outweighed by the film's big draw - a young Ms. Badcock in boy/girl action. Fans of Lolly will flock to see her handling cock and they won't be disappointed.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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