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Released: 2007
Director: Tanya Hyde
Notes: Harmony
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 161 mins.

Mixing kinky eroticism with a touch of gothic horror, the Hyde/Harmony collaboration have been hard at work for their latest film Maison Erotique, which is subtitled 'The House that Dripped Cum'. The film and the individual scenes have been given French names. Two of Europe's finest actresses, Claudia Rossi and Sharka Blue, add to the continental flavour as they appear alongside Elle, Isabel, Kelly and Vienna.

Le Vice Anglais
Maid Sharka Blue finds a golden vibrator while cleaning her mistresses bedroom. Trying it out, she's caught by Jay as she lies back on the large four poster bed. Mistress Claudia enters and, shocked at what she sees, drags Sharka to the library for Ben to spank her. When his cock comes out, Claudia joins in the fucking.

Le Gimp
The scene starts in reverse colour, with Isabel sitting on a chair pissing. Slowly the images change to black and white as Elle unzips her shiny PVC suit and settles down on Isabel's face. Full colour restored, Isabel's tongue darts over Elle's pussy as her legs are spread with a stretcher bar. Spotting Ian Tait trussed up, with his cock and balls ringed, the two head over. The girls stroke and suck at his dick. Elle undoes Isabel's black PVC outfit and starts to finger fuck her. Released from his ties, Isabel forces her fanny into Ian's face as he tugs at her pubes. Elle's hand becomes a blur as she jerks at his cock. With Isabel lapping at Ian's balls, he 69's with Elle. Muscling her way in, Isabel slips his dick into her bum. Suspended on a swing, Ian next has a go at Elle's arse. Balanced on a bar, Isabel's hole takes another bashing. She drops to the floor to be finished doggy. Ian fires his spunk into Elle's mouth. She drips it into Isabel's gaping bum.

Les Catacombes
In her tight, white, latex dress and stockings, Kelly wanders the tiled corridors of the basement. Stopping, she leans against the wall and pees. A dentist's chair awaits her. Kelly sits, opens her legs and slips her rubber clad fingers into her shaven cunt. A steel rod lies on a tray. Reaching out, Kelly pushes it into her pussy. Vienna arrives in her skin tight body suit and climbs onto the vacant chair. Kelly unzips the crotch of her outfit and starts to spank her arse, before slipping her thumb into her pussy. Changing into stockings and red high heels, Vienna fingers herself as she watches Kelly impale herself on a bright red dildo. Kelly has another piss. Vienna parts her pussy with a big pink toy before peeing herself. The girls squeeze their boobs together. Further along through the cellars, the two find Samson strapped to a bed. Kelly runs her pussy over his face as Vienna sucks at his cock. The two work their tongues up his shaft. Holding Kelly's head, Vienna forces it down on Samson's dick. Crouching, Kelly sinks down on the dripping manhood. Vienna positions herself to be taken doggy. Samson moves to fuck Kelly over a set of parallel bars, then cums over the girls' faces.

Among the chandeliers and candelabras, Claudia lies on a plush red bedspread dressed in black. She has a slightly demonic look with her red contact lenses. Setting off through the house, she finds two hooded guys to fuck her. Not enough to satisfy her devilish needs, Sharka is told to join in.

There is no doubt that the Tanya Hyde films are among the best of the eroto-fetish genre films currently being made. The sets, styling and sound are spot on, with great care going into every last detail. The films would be nothing, however, if it wasn't for the girls and Maison Erotique has six of the best in the business. With each new Tanya Hyde film, you think it cannot be surpassed and yet each new title proves you wrong. Maison Erotique is the best yet.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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