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Released: 2007
Director: Kendo
Notes: Television X / Dreamlight
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Running time: 119 mins.

Kendo is one of the most versatile of British directors, able to turn his hand to many styles of film. Here, with a stunning cast of British girls including Angel Long, Elizabeth Lawrence, Elle Brook, Michelle B and Suzie Best, together with two of Europe's best in Angel Dark and Liliane Tiger, he has been inspired by the baroque masked balls.

Opening her long black cloak, Elizabeth lies down on a plush red rug. Her mask falls away as her fingers enter her tight black panties. Jay sits at the other side of the room, stroking his cock watching Elizabeth gyrate. Taking a metre long toy, she feeds it into her pussy. Her labia ripples as she works the shaft. Jay jerks quicker on his dick as he approaches. Elizabeth slides it deep down her throat. His cock emerges covered in saliva. Lifting his gold mask, Jay licks his way up Elizabeth's stocking clad legs, coming to a halt at her pussy. His tongue flicks out at her clit. Elizabeth tugs at herself as Jay's full length enters her body. Their bodies rhythmically rock. Rolling onto her stomach, Elizabeth's pussy is pumped from behind. Twisting back, she faces Jay. As they fuck, he pulls out and sprays Elizabeth's tits with his spunk.

A white mask over her face and with an over-sized ostrich feather wig, Michelle spreads her legs and strokes at her pussy. JJ and Jay clap their hands and she moves to wank at their cocks. Another clap. Breathing heavily, Michelle screws a red rod into her fanny and jabs away. Her mask removed, Michelle wraps her sexy red lips around a cock and works her way towards the balls. JJ lies on the floor. Michelle eases his shaft into her arse. His hands grab for her pussy as she starts to bounce. Legs apart, it's Jay's turn to enter her muff. Down on all fours, the boys both pleasure Michelle doggy style. A dick in her pussy is followed by one in her bum as both guys bang away. JJ fires his load over Michelle's back. She takes Jay's jizz on her face.

In her black cape, Suzie reaches over a reclining Elle and starts to caress her boobs. Moving round, she peels down Elle's black lace basque and her hands move down to her hairy muff. The girls stroke each other's nipples and kiss. Sitting between Elle's legs, Suzie laps at her thighs. Reaching her pussy, her tongue probes. Swapping places, Elle licks at Suzie's neatly trimmed snatch and teases her clit. A big shiny toy for each girl which they plunge into their pussies: red for Suzie and black for Elle. Covered in juice, they both taste them. A combination of fingers and toys gets the girls really going and they grind their pussies together. Elle and Suzie finish the scene licking each other 69.

The next scene sees Liliane pouring cream over Angel Dark's body, then slowly licking her clean.

With legs which just go on and on, Angel Long stands beside on old-fashioned gramophone in her fishnet stockings and basque. Taking a seat, she taps at her taut striped panties then licks her fingers. A bulge appears in the waiting Danny's pants as he watches Angel play. With his cock in her hand, Angel teases her knickers, which fall to the floor. Licking her lips, she guides Danny's dick towards her mouth and swallows it as far as his balls. Discarding his mask, Danny dives between Angel's legs. Her body jolts as he licks her. She sits on his face. Kneeling on the chez-lounge, Angel is taken doggy. Casting aside her disguise, she rolls onto her back to be fucked. The two move onto the rug and shag spoons before Angel gets a mouth full of cum. Throwing her head back, she swallows.

Classy and Erotic, it's easy to see why Kendo is held in such high esteem when he makes films like Maskerade. The sex is refined but still hard and the sets, costumes and make up are spot on. Add to this seven of the best girls around and Maskerade is a great film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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