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Released: 2007
Notes: Totally Tasteless
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Running time: 116 mins.

This film is a bit of a mystery. Released in 2007, all of the work appears to have been shot four years earlier. A possible compilation? If so, from where? And why the title? None of the girls were (or are) in the 'Mothers I'd Like to Fuck' category, so why the name? Anyway, what the film does give the viewer is a chance to see Ashley, Donna, Summer, and to a lesser extent, Teoni, in some early action from the States.

Donna and Summer have been called in to work a weekend at the warehouse. When they get there, not a lot is going on. Guy DaSilva takes Summer into the stockroom where he has a surprise for her. Once there he slips her hand down his trousers. The other guys on the shift see what's going on on the CCTV and one at a time creep out the back. At first, Summer is a little reluctant to take part, but it's always been her fantasy to be fucked by several guys. Stripped down to her pink panties, Summer crouches and is surrounded by cocks. She wanks and sucks her way round the dicks. Bent over a bench, the boys line up to fill Summer's fanny. After sucking and fucking them all, Donna walks in to find Summer with two pricks in her pussy. Dropping her jeans and removing her black bra, she wants some of the action. Lying on a table with her eyes closed, Donna plays 'guess the dick in my pussy'. Donna turns onto her hands and knees and slips a cock into her arse. One length of man meat is not enough when there's so much on offer. Donna manages to slot a second cock into her pussy. With the boys ready to cum, Teoni joins the party, down on the floor, with Donna and Summer. The guys shower the three with spunk.

The guys are playing pool when Ashley turns up. After a long and mostly incomprehensible build up, it appears she's agreed to fuck all four. Standing in her high heels, Ashley towers over the boys as they grope at her body. She grabs their cocks and starts to wank them. With the four lined up, Ashley sucks her way along the line then swallows each in turn on her way back. Stretched out on the pool table, the guys take turns to feed on her fanny as Ashley stuffs her face with dick. The first cock is thrust into her pussy. Each then makes his way between her legs. Shuffling herself up the table, Ashley plonks her pussy on a prick. A little riding and she moves it into her bum. With her fanny empty, she asks the boys to fill it. They are only too happy to help her out. Bonking over, Ashley waits open mouthed as the four jack their jizz over her face.

While it's interesting to see a blonde Donna pre boob job, this is not really a great film. In the first scene, Donna and Summer see plenty of action, but it's obvious that Teoni's contribution has been cut out. She is left only to catch cum on her face. And although Ashley handled the four guys with ease, the tatty set and poor lighting made this look a seedy affair. This is not one of the better films to come out of the US.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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