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Released: 2008
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
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Running time: 113 mins.

For the final movie of the MILF Magic trilogy, Hazza and the team have pulled out all the stops, getting six 'more mature' girls to perform in front of the camera. The film follows the format successfully established in Relish's other series, with Hazza on the hunt in the scene intro before making his excuses and leaving once the action starts.

Hiring a shagging wagon, Hazza and Clark set off to the city to find some posh mummies. Spotting Tia in her tight fitting jacket with its plunging front, the boys invite her to view their van. Sitting in the lap of luxury, Clark takes a quick peek under Tia's skirt. It's enough to persuade her to go back to their hotel. Joining Clark on the bed, Tia removes her jacket and buries his head between her ample breasts. Her hand reaches down for his cock. Tia moves to tease the tip then swallows. Panties pulled aside, her damp pussy is fingered. Clark climbs between Tia's fishnet clad legs to lap at her clit. Skirt off, a lorry beeps outside as the pair bang spoons. Tia turns onto all fours to be fucked doggy, gently rocking back on Clark's cock. The session ends with Tia riding reverse and getting her tits covered in cum.

Working on the script of his next film, Hazza waits at home for Foxy to call. Opening the door, he can't help but notice her biggest assets - her boobs. Heading to Hazza's sofa, Foxy fondles her tits. Cameraman Dick Bush attempts to get in on the action as she sticks her finger in her arse. Foxy is ready for sex and Hazza has the man. Foxy throws herself upon Clark, ripping open his shirt and grabbing at his jeans. With Clark's cock out, Foxy bites at his balls as her hand strokes up and down. Jumping onto his shaft, Foxy slams herself down with shouts of 'Fuck me young man'. With one leg raised on the arm of the sofa, Foxy is filled from behind. Hammering away missionary, her eyes almost pop out. Mouth open, Foxy takes Clark's jizz over her face.

Staring at a photo of Kieran on her lap top, Katie slowly strips and licks at her erect nipples. Her hand moves down to her pussy and a finger is slipped in. Kieran appears at the door while Katie crawls across the floor and leads him back to her settee. Trousers down, Katie clasps his dick and tongues it. Kieran holds her head as she sucks on his prick. Lying side-by-side, Kieran slips his cock into Katie's shaven fanny. The two manoeuvre till they're fucking doggy. Pulling open Katie's legs, Kieran rams his cock home. Katie takes control, sitting on his shaft with her tits dangling in Kieran's face. With a mouth full of cream, Katie lets it dribble over her chin.

Lara is working away in the kitchen when Kieran pops round. With no one else home and time to spare, Kieran wants to get to know Lara a little better. Moving to somewhere more comfortable, Lara lifts her skirt and lets him lick her almost bald pussy through her black lace knickers. Standing over Lara's face, Kieren takes his dick out to be sucked. Slipping her dress over her shoulders, Lara lets it fall away and sandwiches the cock in her cleavage. Shuffling between his thighs, Lara laps at his balls and wanks. Legs either side of Kieran, Lara slowly sinks down on his shaft. The two turn to fuck missionary, Kieran holding Lara's legs high in the air. A quick blow job and Lara lies face down on the settee to be shagged. The couple twist round so Kieran can bite at her boobs. Satisfied by the young man, Lara collects Kieran's cream in her mouth.

It's Kieran's last shoot for Hazza before heading to the States to become a super stud and there's a special treat in store from the Relish team. Elizabeth and Emma emerge from the bedroom in their sexy black gear and start to strip Kieran. It's like all his Christmases have come at once as the girls lick and tongue at his cock. Removing her knickers, Emma sits on his face while Elizabeth wraps her lips round his dick. Stripped down to her stockings, Elizabeth sits on Kieran's shaft and starts to grind. The girls swap places, Emma getting fucked cowgirl. With the two on the floor, Kieran bangs away doggy at Elizabeth while Emma laps at her clit. Emma elects to be shagged spoons by the States bound star. Elizabeth gets her last taste of Kieran before being filled from behind. He cums over her bum. Emma licks at the load.

While the first two in the MILF Magic series were good films and enjoyable to watch, Hazza and the team have saved the best till last. Missing out the shower section, which appeared in MILF Magic 1 & 2, means that each scene has a couple more minutes for the action to develop and come to fruition. This is time well spent. Top marks also for the casting. Tia and Foxy are both revelations and as a climax to his career in the UK, who better for Kieran to appear with than Elizabeth and Emma. A great film and well worth watching.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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