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Released: 2009
Director: Liselle Bailey
Notes: JoyBear Pictures
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 166 mins.

Director Liselle Bailey has taken it upon herself to act as cupid, mixing and matching her hot friends and filming the outcome over five scenes in Match Mates. Among those on Liselle's contact list are Claudia Rossi, Lolly Badcock, Tanya Tate and Tammy Lee. All are willing to try her sexy dating service.

Friend for Lunch
Arriving at Claudia and Jay's place early one morning, Liselle chats to them about 'special' people they have worked with. Both Claudia and Jay come up with the same name - Michelle Moist. Liselle invites her round for lunch. Having eaten, Liselle suggests that the three of them play some games. Blindfolding Jay, the pair kiss and caress his body. As he guesses who it is, they slowly strip. Blindfold off, Jay would like to see Claudia and Michelle explore each other. Their lips and tongues meet. Michelle is next to say what turns her on: it's the sight of Jay lapping at Claudia's pussy. With Michelle kneeling on the table, Claudia asks Jay to finger and lick between her legs. Rolling onto her back, Michelle feels Claudia's mouth against her boobs. Both girls wrap their hands around Jay's dick and wank. They press the swollen gland against their lips. The group head to the bedroom. Claudia slips herself onto Jay's shaft reverse. Michelle ties their hands together with a silk scarf and stoops to lap at the pair. Down on all fours, Michelle eases Jay's length into her pussy. Claudia crawls under the pair and licks. The girls lie on top of each other as Jay yo-yos between their dripping holes. Michelle gets to ride cowgirl, then moves to let Claudia be taken spoons. Blindfold back on, the girls jerk at Jay's cock until he cums.

Girls Night Out
Setting Tammy up with a blind date, Liselle pops down to the local pub to find how she's faring with Hannah. The girls are getting on great as they chat and laugh. They disappear off to the toilet together, leaving Liselle alone at the bar. After a few minutes, she sets off to find the pair. Entering the toilets, she finds the two with their tongues in each other's mouths as they caress. A noise from outside and all three cram into a cubicle, giggling. The coast clear, they re-emerge. Liselle wants to know how far the girls will go. Tammy slips her hand under Hannah's floral summer dress and presses her fingers against her black panties. Peeling them down, she rubs at Hannah's pussy and arse. Lifting Tammy's black dress, Hannah wants to see what's beneath her knickers. Kneeling she laps at Tammy's arse. Perched on the hand basin, Tammy lets her blind date run her tongue over her pussy and pierced clit. Hannah drops to the floor. Tammy licks at Hannah's snatch and Liselle joins in the kissing. Propped up against the white tiled wall, the pair moan as they finger each other. Back in the cubicle, Tammy spreads her legs. She wants her new friend Hannah to make her climax. Stripped, it's Hannah's turn to sit. Tammy fingers her to orgasm while Liselle sucks at Hannah's boobs. Another successful match for Liselle.

Raunchy Reunion
Chatting to Liselle, Pete O'Tool talks about meeting Tanya on set. She arranges for the pair to have a drink and tags along as a chaperone. The chemistry between the two is electric and they decide to head back to Pete's flat. Unable to contain himself, Pete starts to stroke Tanya's pussy as they sit in the taxi. Slipping off her shoes, she massages his dick with her feet. Stuck in traffic, Tanya leans into his lap. With her knickers off, the driver can't keep his eyes on the road as the two lick and suck. Reaching the block where Pete lives, the pair stop on the stairs. His tongue flicks at Tanya's arse. Tumbling through the front door, the pair collapse onto the sofa. Tanya undoes her pink dress and Pete buries his face in her pussy. Some vigorous finger action makes Tanya squirt. He laps at her juices. Grabbing Pete's dick, Tanya feeds it deep down her throat. His balls bash against her chin as she sucks. Straddling the shaft, Tanya slams down reverse, then turns to ride Pete cowgirl. Dropping onto her back, Pete fucks her missionary. Liselle caresses her boobs as the pair shag. Tugging at Pete's prick, Tanya wanks his load into her mouth.

Promiscuous Picnic
Liselle is almost as excited as Clark when she goes picnicking with Lolly, down by the riverside. As the wine flows under the sun, the three play spin-the-bottle. Snogging over, it's back to the flat where the real filming can start. Dressed in a red top and denim skirt, Lolly sits on the kitchen counter with Clark between her legs. Pulling at her black lace panties, Clark's tongue darts over her pussy lips and clit as he fingers. Dropping to her knees, Lolly eases down his pants and wraps her red lips round Clark's manhood. He holds her head as his length slips down her throat. Stroking Clark's cock, Lolly kisses Liselle. Moving to the lounge, Lolly kneels on the coffee table. Clark stabs his shaft into her, doggy. She snogs Liselle as she shags. Turning, Lolly tastes herself from Clark's dick. Sitting on the sofa, Clark lowers Lolly onto his length. She grinds and gyrates. Lifting Lolly up, he places her on her back and the sex continues, missionary. Mouth open, Lolly waits for Clark's cum. She is not disappointed. Filming over, Liselle heads into the bedroom with the pair ...

Bonus Scene
Over lunch, Liselle discusses dream partners with Marcus. He mentions Alexa as a girl he would like to meet. Things go well on the date and the pair end up back at his flat. Writing down their turn-ons, the two take turns at fulfilling their fantasies. Slipping off Marcus's shirt, Alexa runs her tongue over his chest before making her way down to his shorts. Marcus fondles her breasts. Alexa's jumper comes off and he teases her nipples. Face down on the sofa, Alexa gets a sensous massage. Marcus's fingers ease into her panties. Alexa's tongue dances over Marcus's dick. She takes him into her mouth. Black and white knickers down, Alexa lies back. Marcus laps at her neatly trimmed muff. Placing her feet on Marcus's shoulders, he eases in, missionary. The two turn to shag doggy. A little more missionary and Alexa climbs onto Marcus's cock. The date ends with Alexa's tits covered in Marcus's cream.

Though technically not perfect, this film is more about ambience and the interaction between the performers than ensuring there are no stray shadows on the set. With her hands-on directing style, Liselle has produced and participated in five flowing scenes. Match Mates, with its seven hot girls, makes for pleasurable viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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