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Released: 2010 (for DVD)
Director: Vicki Holloway, Ric Porter
Notes: Portway / Television X
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Running time: 126 mins.

With Mummy's Got Milk, directors Ric Porter and Vicki Holloway have taken what was once a taboo, niche subject - pregnant sex - and brought it into the main stream. Over five scenes, Kelly Marina shows that, whether with guys or girls, pregnancy doesn't stop the desire for sex.

Loz has dropped by to see how her heavily pregnant friend is getting on. Lifting Kelly's dress, she puts her ear to the extended belly and listens. Pascal arrives to find the two girls stretched across the sofa. Pulling at Loz's knickers, he slips a finger or two into her pussy. Loz paws and rubs at Kelly's jade green panties. It makes her wet. Shuffling in between the girls, Pascal lets the pair lick at his prick. Kelly's swollen breasts rest on Pascal's thigh as she takes him deep in her mouth. Loz moves in, sliding down on Pascal's spit covered shaft reverse. Kelly tongues at the pair as they fuck. Down on all fours, Kelly buries her face in Loz's fanny. She lets out a moan as Pascal enters her arse. Loz is next up for some anal action. Pascal bangs away in missionary. Ready to cum, he coats Kelly's face and Loz's bum with his cream.

Kelly poses, modelling some black lingerie and stockings for Stefan. He drops to his knees to caress her bump and gently squeezes her breasts. Slowly moving up her body, he sucks at Kelly's big brown nipples. The two make for the bed. Her knickers off, Stefan laps and probes at Kelly's pussy. She turns to take his dick in her mouth. Lying beside Kelly, Stefan slides his cheb between her legs and reaches round to steady her swinging boobs. She twists onto all fours to be fucked doggy. Turning on to her back, Kelly eases Stefan into her pussy for some missionary action. He shoots his load over her stomach.

Back in bed, this time Kelly is with Pascal and he has a surprise in store. The door opens and Mark Sloan joins them. Lifting her enlarged boobs from her bra, Kelly lets the boys suck. Their hands move down to her peach lace panties and start to rub. Licking her lips, Kelly wants to taste the boys. Their dicks go into her mouth. Her tongue flicks out over their heads. Wiping his cock on her boobs, Pascal laps at Kelly's pussy as a prelude to taking her anally. Mark takes his turn filling Kelly missionary. Sinking slowly down onto Mark's length cowgirl, Pascal adds his prick to her arse. The two jerk their jizz over Kelly's bump.

Wearing a lime green top and fishnets, Kelly pops out her boobs to show Shay how much they've grown. Tweaking her nipples, she tells Shay how sensitive they are. She sucks them to see. Shay's hand runs over Kelly's stomach and continues to her shaven pussy. She slides in a finger. Slipping her red dress from her shoulders, Shay lets Kelly nibble at her pierced nipples. Knickers off, she holds herself over her pregnant friend's face to be tongued. A pink vibrator is produced. Shay takes a turn with it first. Then, holding in it her mouth, she lets Kelly ease her self down on it. Working away with the toy, Kelly climaxes.

Andy and Jig are the next visitors to Kelly's place. She sits in striped lingerie and stockings as the two men stroke her bump. Undoing her bra, Kelly lets the lads lick her swollen nipples as she explores the crotches of their jeans. Knickers pulled aside, Jig presses his face into Kelly's fanny. His tongue darts and dances. Trousers down, Kelly grabs the boys' shafts and guides them towards her mouth. Sucking at Jig, Kelly opens her legs to let Andy's cock into her pussy. She rolls onto her side to take Jig spoons. A little more doggy action from the boys and they're ready to cum. Kelly's boobs and stomach are spattered in spunk.

I have to admit I was a little unsure when approaching this film, thinking it might be a little too voyeuristic. Happily, my fears were misplaced as, rather than being an object of curiosity, a sexy looking Kelly clearly enjoys her swollen body and the new sensations it affords during sex. Top marks to both Kelly and directors Ric and Vicki for producing a hot and sensuous film on a subject which some could see as sordid. Mummy's Got Milk takes its rightful place in mainstream movies.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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