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Released: 2010
Director: Andy Ide
Notes: Television X
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Running time: 110 mins.

The TV origins of this 'shot at home' style film, featuring slightly older girls in Andy Ide's cramped flat, are much in evidence, with each of the scenes being preceded by a title sequence.

Wearing a lemon top, Daniella is the first of the girls to take her place on Andy's sofa. Sipping wine she chats with Pete about why she is there. Stripped down to her white bra and panties, Daniella flashes and wiggles her bum as she crawls across the floor towards him. Releasing her ample boobs, she kneels on his thighs and dangles them in his face. Placed on the sofa, Pete eases down Daniella's panties and laps at her pussy. She slips on to her knees to take his dick between her lips. The two bang away doggy. Daniella's long hair falls over the camera lens. The pair move to the bedroom for more doggy style shagging. Lying back, Daniella is entered missionary. The pair twist round till she's riding Pete's prick. A little more spoons and Daniella takes Pete's cum in her cleavage.

Sitting cross-legged on the sofa, Jane offers a glimpse of her stocking tops as she talks to Andy. While they wait for Stefan to arrive, Andy tells Jane of his fantasy about a French teacher undoing the buttons on her checked blouse. She makes his dream come true. Easing an erect nipple from her bra, Andy reaches out from behind the camera and squeezes. Jane stands and pulls her black panties aside to flash her pierced clit. Stefan is waiting in the next room. On the sofa, Jane spreads her legs to be licked. With Stefan's shaft out, Jane bends over to swallow it then slams it into her pussy, cowgirl. Turning round on Stefan's length, Jane's boobs swing free from her blouse. In the bedroom, Jane lies with her legs wide apart as Stefan thrusts in. Moving on to all fours, he takes her from behind. They fall on their sides. Open-mouthed, Jane catches Stefan's spunk on her tongue and swallows.

Answering a knock at the door, Andy finds himself door-stepped by double glazing saleswoman, Paige. Entering the flat, she has to be quick to make her pitch as he's about to start shooting. Unfortunately, he receives a text that his model has cancelled and before he can cancel stud Demitri, he turns up. Wondering if Paige would be interested in appearing in the film, Demitri gets out his dick and she slips it between her lips. Blouse and bra off, Paige leans over Demitri's lap to suck. He slips his hand under her black skirt and fingers her pussy. Carrying Paige into the bedroom, Demitri slides his cock past her panties and fucks her, missionary. Her knickers off, she mounts his manhood and gyrates. Her black stockings creep down her legs. Paige drops on to her hands and knees to be fucked from behind. The two roll over and she ends sitting on Demitri's prick. A little more missionary and Demitris' jizz soon coats Paige's stomach.

Jay arrives at Andy's flat to find Stefanny tied to the light in the hall. She's always had a bit of a kink about bondage. Caressing her body, Jay squeezes Stefanny's boobs, then lifts her dress to finger her shaven snatch. Bending Stefanny forward, Jay penetrates her pussy. With her ties released, the two hammer away in the hall. Crouching to suck Jay's cock, Stefanny leaves it dripping. They make for the bedroom. Stefanny wants Jay's full length inside her. There's some vigorous action as he thrusts away between her legs. Still wanting more, Jay slams against Stefanny's thighs as he fills her, doggy. Exhausted, Jay flops back, but Stefanny still has some energy as she rides him cowgirl. Stefanny's final wish is to have Jay's cum in her mouth. He shoots his load between her lips.

Andy's dog scampers round the room as he struggles to release himself from the chair to which he has been tied. Tanya claims he's a perv. Brushing the dust from Andy's mirror, she stands before him in a tight white jumper, tempting him with her cleavage. Undoing her jeans, Tanya slips them off her hips to show Andy her tattoo. Top off, she lifts her boobs from her bra and tweaks her nipples. Wayne wanders in to 'save' Andy, but Tanya has other ideas. Pulling out his cock, she probes her tonsils with his length. Spit trickles down her cleavage. Tanya fingers herself as she swallows. With Wayne on his back, Tanya pins him down by sitting on his shaft and slapping herself against his balls. Bra and panties off, Tanya remounts - this time reverse. Cutting Andy free, Tanya lets him film as she's shagged spoons on the bed. Climbing back on Wayne's cheb, she thrusts her tits in his face. Filling Tanya from behind, Wayne cums in her pussy. She wipes it over Andy's sheets so he can smell her through the night.

Although the film was shot in a confined space, Andy has managed to capture the essence of the action. The performances from the five models are spot on, with Jane as the teasing temptress, Paige as the slightly reluctant porn star and Tanya just being plain naughty. Mummy Mia is a good showing from Andy Ide and is well worth a watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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