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Released: 2011
Notes: Muffia
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Running time: 232 mins.

The subtitle for the Molly's Life series - 'Dirty Girls Who Love to Eat Pussy' - is an apt description of the movie. Blonde Molly Cavelli and her camera woman/director head out and about on the hunt for girls. Kali Micheals is found in a railroad yard under a motorway, where Molly licks her pussy as the pair clamber around the wagons. Kortney Kane's scene is in the more luxurious setting of a speedboat where she loses her bikini. British interest comes in the shape of Lexi Ward who appears in the only three girl scene in the film.

Emma Mae and Molly enter a tattoo parlour to browse the designs. Emma is considering adding soe more to her already well covered arms and legs. The girls notice Lexi lying on the table having work done to her back. The three start chatting. Flashing her boobs, Molly encourages Lexi to stroke. Emma also gets Lexi to caress her breasts. With the tattooing finished, the three move to the back of the shop where they get to know each other a little better. Slipping down Emma's panties, she's placed on a chair. Lexi licks at her pierced snatch while Molly holds her breasts against her mouth to be sucked. More shorts and knickers are discarded. Lexi moves back in to eat some muff. Knocking the chair flat, the girls swap places. Lexi lies flat with Molly straddling her face. Emma's tongue works it's way up Lexi, darting across her pussy. Finally, Molly takes her turn in the chair. Emma and Lexi probe and fill their mouths with muff. Eventually she orgasms.

As well as Lexi, Lali, Kortney and Emma, three other girls Izy Belle, Sunni Mayweather and Tegan Summer also get a chance to sample Molly's snatch.

Whilst Molly is clearly the star of the film there is also the strong presence of the never seen director. At some points it appears the woman behind the camera is more important than the girl in the scene. Two of the three outdoor scenes are also marred by iffy exposure and extraneous motorway/wind noise, drowning out the chat between the girls. With six scenes and a running time of just under 4 hours you're bound to get some bits which are not quite up to the mark. In the case of Molly's Live 11 the good slightly outweighs the bad. Not brilliant but watchable.

Dawn “Hot Totty” Birtle

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