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Released: 1985
Director: Henri Pachard
Notes: Coast To Coast
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Paul Thomas is Bo Nelson, owner of Bo's Bar, one of the sleaziest bars in New York; hangout of whores and pimps and drug dealers. As the film opens a hooker Sheila (Danielle) is turning a cheap trick on a street corner and, once done, tells her watching husband that she's going to Bo's to spend the $20.

At his bar, Bo is busy selling his girlfriend Jeane (Gina Carrera) to out-of-towners Rub and Rhonda (Tom Byron and Little Oral Annie) for the night at a cost of $1,000. Tom has a threeway with the two women in Bo's luxurious office suite. Meanwhile in the bar, Ed (Joey Silvera) buys the services of Hillary (Charlie Latour), a very cheap hooker who simply bends over and lifts her dress for the punters. While on the job, Charlie lifts Joey's wallet and only the intervention of Bo himself stops Joey calling the cops.

While Joey goes to the toilet, Bo's wife Angela (Paula Meadows) arrives in a fox fur coat. Bo is in his office but Paula heads for the Gents where she sits on a urinal next to Joey and demands to be humiliated. Joey obliges, undressing Paula and fucking her on the toilet floor.

While Danielle is trying to buy drugs from Bo, Mrs Hennings and her daughter Marsha (Gloria Leonard and Stacey Donovan) arrive at the bar, penniless after having been thrown out by Gloria's husband. Bo invites them to his office and sends Danielle to meet wife Angela and Joey in the toilets and fuck his wife up the arse with a strap-on.

Bo's girlfriend is concerned that he has sold her. "Sold you honey? I'd never do that" says Bo, "Rent you yes!". So she, Bo, Tom and Annie join Gloria and Stacey upstairs. Bo offers mother and daughter $1,000 to perform together then gets Tom to join in and fuck Stacey.

In the bar, hookers Danielle and Charlie are cat fighting until Bo throws them out, leaving Bo to spend some quality time with girlfriend Gina, consisting of some homily dialogue rather than any more action.

All the action takes place in an ill lit street, ill lit bar and ill lit toilet and an ill lit office, so even allowing for reasonable transfers the sound and vision quality is not great. The film is an example of the lightly plotted porn from prolific director Henri Pachard, who spends the film polishing glasses behind the bar. The sex is not that hard and tends to be only in one or two positions. Fortunately for Brit lovers the hardest stuff is delivered by our own Paula Meadows who's posh accent stands out amongst the yanks and who gets suitably filthy with both Joey and Danielle. Regrettably Gloria Leonard's appearance is little more than a cameo, only getting marginally involved in the sex with Stacey.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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