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Notes: Your Choice
Notes and Reviews
  • Julie's Jollys - brunette, 40, + Omar
  • Sasha and Lee (Francis) - leather fetish gear, blonde, probably not British, anal, facial
  • Shirley, Omar and Carl in the woods - shapeless middle-aged brunette
  • Richard, Lisa and Georgina, i.e. Dick Nasty, Jeannie Bukes (anal) and Georgette Neal (facial)
  • Mel, her boyfriend and Omar
  • Remington Steel's Sex Report - three brunettes (Andrea, Sandra, Michelle) among audience at Soho cinema club - sex with one each plus lez show but groped and give bjs to others, one pisses on her partner. The first of these, who sucks off Lee Francis in the front row and then is seen no more, could well be Louise [3] aka Christine aka Sandra

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