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Released: 2001
Director: Jim Powers
Notes: Notorious
Alternate Titles
  • Jim Power's Jim Powers' Naughty Little Nymphos 6
Notes and Reviews

Notorious, 2001

This film attempts to be a bit different from the normal run of porn. There are four scenes all with a schoolgirl or co-ed theme, but the scenes are not linked and, in some of them, the sex is put in a somewhat different setting than usual. However, the transition from context to sex is too abrupt in all cases to succeed in being erotic, though the sex scenes are good in themselves.

1. Little Girls Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Two schoolgirls playing in a scrapyard, having been warned to stay away from the part near to the graveyard, discover a skull and are attacked by zombies. One escapes to her room but is then attacked from behind - apart from the fact that this is a porn video, why does this suddenly become a sex scene? It would be sexier if there was some rationale to this rather than an abrupt transition from screaming fear to enjoyment of being penetrated from behind. The zombie takes Sabrina Jade from behind and then the scrapyard owner joins in from the front and gets a blowjob. The sex proceeds to anal, reverse cowgirl DP, DP and facials. The sex is very hot (and noisy) and it's a good scene from that point of view.

2. Skullface

A second scene on the horror theme. Ariko is dozing on a couch and wakes to find a skull-faced man masturbating. Fear turns to lust in an unrealistic instant and she gives him a blowjob. The sex includes anal and a weak facial.

3. The Ball Maze

Dressed fetchingly in a tartan miniskirt, white blouse, tied over her breasts rather than buttoned, and trainers and with her hair in pigtails, Rebekah Jordan (as Kinky) is playing in a toy maze or obstacle course among dozens of coloured balls (don't ask me why!). After a minute or two she emerges and asks 'Does anyone want to play with me?' and a black stud (previously unseen) answers for us all and says 'Yeah'. He immediately gets a blowjob. There is lots of oral (probably too much for the pace of the scene). He licks her pussy and arse from behind, inserts a finger and then fucks her in doggy and missionary positions. There is a bit of light spanking when she puts on a realistic American accent and says 'I'm a naughty girl and need to be spanked.' There is anal sex in the doggy position and a part-facial over chin and breast. Another good scene, but again a more careful build up could have made it more erotic.

4. Passing Her Class

This is yet another working of a very stale scenario where a college lecturer (who would be done for sexual harassment in real life) obtains sex from student Jade Marcella in return for giving her a good grade. Facial. Seduction of the male lecturer by the female student would have been sexier, but still hardly a new idea.

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