< No Morals

Released: 1970s
Director: Hans Billian?
Notes: loop, Tabu 475, 19 mins.
Notes and Reviews

Kathy is a maid. She answers the door to two men dressed in T-shirts with 'Adonis Massage' printed on them. They have come to 'service' a more mature brunette, evidently the 'lady' of the house (Sheila). They start to give her a massage on a table, but it doesn't take long before she has their cocks out and is sucking on one of them. Three girls arrive in the house. I deduce the daughter and her two friends (one is Annette Poussin, another is Debbie [9], and the third is NK0546). They go upstairs to the daughter's bedroom and inflate a life-size male doll and begin to have their way with it. The maid peeps on all this and wanks with her feather duster. She then lets in two workmen. Meanwhile the mother has taken a facial and a cumshot over her pubes from the masseurs. The workmen start work and two of the schoolgirls come downstairs naked and go to the fridge. The workmen spot them and get a blowjob each. The maid joins the third girl in the bedroom and takes over in riding the doll while the two girls downstairs are getting fucked on the dining room table. The maid and the third girl have a brief lesbian session before she confiscates the doll. The workmen join the masseurs and the mother takes on all four (including anal and DP to facials) while the maid and the girls watch from behind the door. The maid and the girls grab the workmen and drag them into the lounge for an orgy in which the mother joins in and the film ends when the father of the house comes home and catches them at it.

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