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Released: 2002
Director: Mike Freeman
Alternate Titles
  • Naughty Neighbours
  • UK Naughty Nieghbours
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy of Mike Freeman

The scenario is that Angel-Long is recounting how she got into modelling after meeting photographer Frazer while jogging in the woods. Her progression to porn actress through glamour stills to g/g to b/g video is recounted and then shown, with Frazer getting involved in the action every time.

First the seduction as Frazer takes her home and they have sex. Then he persuades her to pose for photographs, prepares her for the shoot by shaving her pussy and then the shoot turns into a b/g scene, bj only.

Next Jamie Woods is hired for a g/g fetish rubber shoot. The rubber gear and black stockings show off their spectacular legs to great advantage. Again Frazer can't help himself and the shoot becomes a threesome with Angel doing anal.

In part 2 Angel progresses to a b/g shoot with a male model (Steve Taylor), again wearing black rubber. Afterwards as all three watch the video it becomes a b/b/g threesome including anal and part facial.

Two hours of Angel-Long with a dash of Jamie Woods as a bonus can't be bad.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Running time: 119 mins.

This film appears under many guises. Originally shot in 2002 it appeared as Neighbours and Neighbours Pt 2, then combined as Naughty Neighbours and now as UK Naughty Neighbours (presumably for the American market). No matter what the title it's 2 hours of Angel-Long (or so the cover says).

Angel appears at the start of the film and between the scenes to add a narrative between the action.

The film starts with Angel, in a white T-shirt and red plaid mini, sitting in a wood when Frazer jogs by. He stops and tells her she could be a model and offers to take her back to his studio. Off they go for a quick fondle in the car and then off for photos to see what develops. Angel takes very little persuading to start to strip, she is helped on the way by Frazer's fingers and tongue which eventually end in her pussy. A mouthful of man meat follows and whilst Angel rubs her pussy Frazer rubbers up for some serious fucking. Angel first takes him cowgirl then turns for doggy before being taken up the arse. Frazer shouts he is going to cum but Angel sees no sign of his cream.

In the second short scene Frazer shaves Angel's pussy, then takes pictures of her Brazilian beaver and as a reward he gets his cock sucked.

Jamie joins Angel for scene three. The two girls get dressed in latex bras, suspenders, black stockings and high heels for a girl/girl photo shoot. Frazer's flashing gets the girls turned on and when Angel produces two vibrators the action really hots up, Jamie pushing her's deep into her arse whilst Angel licks her pussy. Frazer joins in the fun with both girls tasting his man meat. Jamie then has her bum lubricated for some anal action. In a strange break all three are around a table, Angel being fucked up the bum and Jamie working her pussy with a blue vibrator. Jamie moves under Angel to lick her pussy with Frazer bonking her backside. The scene ends with a bum full of cum for Angel and Jamie licking it out.

The final scene is a 50 minute Boy/Boy/Girl with Steve Taylor joining Angel and Frazer for the action. As with the previous scene Angel gets dressed in latex, stockings, six-inch red platforms and is ready for action. Both boys get their cocks sucked and Angel's pussy gets a good tongueing mostly from Steve. She then takes Frazer doggy with Steve deep in her mouth, but she stops every so often to lick her juices off Frazer's dick. The scene then stops whilst they watch some of a scene with Jamie on the TV. Angel then restarts, taking both guys deep down her throat. Steve fills her pussy whilst she wanks off Frazer. It's then his turn but this time in Angel's arse. More anal and DP follow the scene, ending with Frazer firing over Angel's face and tits, Steve wanking himself off and Angel licking him clean.

This could have been a brilliant film but it is sadly let down by bad, over enthusiastic, editing and cutting. The continuous chopping into 3 or 4 second shots in some parts made the action hard to follow and gave the impression of repeated loops. And why, why, why the fader effects between shots? One ripple fade is enough; 3 or 4 in 30 seconds is overload. Finally on timing. The box said 120 minutes long, the DVD machine said 1 hour 59 minutes, but both failed to say there was 5 minutes of nothing at the end of the film. I sat and watched thinking are there more credits? are there trailers? has the DVD bust? No there was just blackness. This one is only for the die hard Angel-Long fans.

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