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Released: 2003
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Rude Britannia
Alternate Titles
  • Terryvision's Naughty Shorties 3
Notes and Reviews

Terry Stephens has had another sort through his storage boxes for these scenes, which seem to have been made with John Mason at the same time as some Two Blue Hardcore sets. Some of the performers are now familiar faces and one or two scenes have been released elsewhere, but a couple of rare gems make this film well worth getting.

Vixen and Mark Sloan get together in John's studio. Made before Vixen had her trademark tummy tattoo. Not a long scene but some hard fucking.

Rare appearance by Louise and Peter, in their bedroom. Louise (unlisted) is a pretty slim girl with enhanced tits. There is a lot of finger-fucking here which gets Louise very aroused, followed by sex in several positions and concluding with both in a wanking race to climax.

Angel-Long and Frazer Fox in their bedroom. Scene previously released in Johnny Rebel's Wifewatcher 2.

Danielle, in fluorescent pink microdress, takes on Lee Henshaw. For those who like their women toned, Danielle looks superb and is well matched with Lee to perform some athletic sex. Lee cums over Danielle's bum. Fantastic.

Round at Terry's house, Claire and Karl are having a good time in bed. Claire is on good form so the sex is good. Scene ends with Karl exploding over Claire's face and chest.

In John's studio, Amanda (unlisted) makes a rare appearance with Calvin. Amanda is a sweet blonde with some serious tattoos. A short but deep sequence which ends with Calvin coming over her bum.

In John's studio, Simone, in white bra and pants with a pink shawl wrapped round her waist, is limbering up for a session with Steve Hooper. The undies are removed during foreplay then the shawl comes off as Simone climbs on top. As usual Steve provides long hard service for Simone who, despite being strangely sexy, never seems particularly engaged in any of her performances. None more so than here where she continues to chew gum throughout.

Overall this collection is a little uneven with some variation in scene length, however nice to see some rarer performances from the likes of Louise and Amanda, which makes this a collector's item.

Review by Bayleaf

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