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Released: 2004
Director: Alfred Hugecock
Notes: Demon Eyes Productions
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Running time: 124 mins.

Looking as if it was shot in someone's sitting and bedroom, Now That's What I Call Porn isn't what you could call a big budget production. It's more like a few hot and horny girls have popped round to Lorna's place for a good shagging with the cameras running. The first three scenes start with Lorna having a none too convincing chat with the girls, her wooden interview technique leaving a lot to be desired. But when it comes to the action she is ready and willing to join in.

Avalon is the first girl up, sitting on the bed with Leon. After a few words Lorna leaves to prepare for filming. This is the sign for Leon to fumble and grope at Avalon's tits before sinking down on her pussy. Returning wearing nothing but a strap-on, Lorna watches as Leon laps at Avalon's lips, joining in when there is cock to be sucked. With Avalon wrapping her mouth round the shaft, Lorna sucks on his balls. Seeing an opening Lorna pushes her plastic prick into Avalon's dripping pussy and the pair roll over for a good ride. Avalon replaces the plastic with the real thing, slipping Leon's manhood between her legs as she deep throats the strap-on. Slightly flushed, Lorna draws Avalon's head into her pussy. As she cums, Leon fires his load over the girls' faces. They end with a spunky kiss.

Lorna next appears with Skye (Kimberly). The two remove their tops to show their tits. Pulling down Skye's dress, Lorna runs her hands and tongue over her curvy, pale body. Leon is called over to help. The girls grab his dick, taking it in turn in their mouths. Lorna moves on Skye's smoothly-shaven mound, easing her lips apart to lick at her clit as Leon slides his cock past her tonsils. Bending over, Skye's fanny is filled from behind. Lorna fingers herself as she watches. Turning over, she rides Leon's prick, her pussy juices running down onto his balls, but it's Lorna who gets his cream. She opens her mouth and he fires over her face. It drips off her chin onto her tits.

In black lingerie and fishnet stockings, Lorna lifts Aimee's black and white top to get to her tits. Leon joins to suck on the boobs. The girls share his shaft, their heads bobbing up and down as they take it deep into their mouths. Aimee mounts Leon cowgirl and starts to bonk, but as a result of some bad editing on some strokes she's clothed and on others she's naked. After a good hammering Aimee presents her rosy red pussy to be taken doggy while she sucks on Lorna's cunt. With screams and pants the girls climax. Aimee holds her tits for Leon to spunk over and Lorna licks them clean.

Angel feels hot, horny and ready to be fucked. She flashes her pussy at Jerry then drops her head in his lap... but he's not the stud. In fact there are two - Leon and Mark Marais. The boys fill her fanny with fingers as Angel sucks on their cocks. Rubbing and spanking her pussy, Angel gets Mark to lap at her wet lips before she mounts him reverse cowgirl. With a prick in her pussy she might as well have some in her mouth, but with Jerry away she has to make do chewing Leon's cock. Rolling over, Angel continues to be spit roasted, Mark pounding her pussy as she gags on Leon's meat. With Jerry back, Angel wants the guys to cum on her face. All three hit her mouth and she blows spunky bubbles before swallowing.

Having seen everyone else take part in the action it's now time for Lorna to take on two guys. Mark and Leon are ready for her. Peeling down her pink top, the two play with her nipples. Mark moves south between her stocking-clad legs and starts to lick and finger Lorna's smoothly-shaved fanny. Taking a cock in each hand Lorna yo-yos her head back and forth, her pussy wringing wet from the thought of being fucked. She slowly slides down Mark's shaft then bangs her bum hard on his thighs. Arching her back, her blonde hair is plastered with sweat as she sucks at Leon's cock. As she shouts she wants more, the guys swap places. Lorna groans with each thrust deep in her love hole. Finally, shaking from head to toe, she climaxes. That's not enough - she wants to taste the boys' cum.

Any film with Angel-Long taking on three guys can't be bad, but there are lots of niggly little things which stop this from being good. Though they keep in focus, I do wish cameramen would clean their lenses. There is nothing worse than a fleck of dust in the middle of the screen (scene 3). And a few more guys would have been nice, Poor Leon with his heavily bruised leg must have been knackered having taken on all five girls and it was starting to show. If you are a Lorna, Angel, Aimee or Avalon fan then add Now That's What I Call Porn to your collection. For the rest, if you get a chance to watch it then do ... but don't go out of your way.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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