< Naughty Shorties 5 R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Terry Stephens
Notes: Wrist Action Entertainment / One Man Banned
Alternate Titles
  • Naughty Shorts 1 DVD available Black Widow Media
  • Terryvision's Naughty Shorties 5
Notes and Reviews

Another load of back catalogue stuff which dates from the time John Mason and Terry Stephens were shooting for True Blue Hardcore magazine 3 or 4 years ago and the sets can be found on John's Johnny Rebel website. The scenes are generally video shoots made after the photos were over. Still by my reckoning that's still two or three stills sets and a video all shot in less than an hour. Collectors will have examples of most of the girls' work but it's a good value collection which includes a fine, relatively rare, hardcore scene from La Toya that is almost worth the price of the DVD alone. However the bonus scene with Tia and Sally is the clincher. One for any serious collector.

Karl and Jirina (always an honorary Brit in my book) get down to business in the attic bedroom. Karl and the irredeemably cute Jirina undress and after some firm cocksucking Karl fucks Jirina in most of the usual positions. Finally, after some very vigorous missionary shagging, Karl pulls out and cums over Jirina's belly and outstanding (literally) nipples.

Abi and husband David fuck on a mattress in a luridly yellow painted room. Shagging starts in doggy and includes cowgirl before returning to 69 where Amy's David produces a minor dribble into her mouth. (Since this scene was shot Abi has put on a lot of weight due to pregnancy, and been extensively tattooed).

Ashley appears quite demure in a pink shirt and denim mini, but this illusion is blown away as Karl offers his cock for a blowjob. It seems that Ashley isn't wearing any knickers as she adopts the doggy position on the bed and Karl slips effortlessly in. Deep and vigorous fucking follows in all positions as Ashley removes all her clothes and ends with a cumshot over her belly.

Amira and Mark Sloan get together in the studio. While a naked Mark gets his cock sucked Terry hitches up Amira's skirt and fingers her pussy; then, swapping ends, Terry gets his tool sucked while Mark shags her from behind. While Mark deeply fucks Amira in several positions she continues to suck Terry's cock while he is filming. Amira seems to have a little thing going with Mark as she actually orgasms a couple of times during the action. Eventually Terry gets a couple of goes in Amira's pussy. Mark cums in her face while Amira lies back, fucked by Terry, who drops a huge load over her pussy.

Karl has Raven in the studio and starts to lick her pussy through her pants. Both undress completely and fuck each other on the bed in doggy, cowgirl, spoons and finally missionary where Karl pulls out and shoots all over her tits and belly (watched by Vixen). Raven's pink hair and extensive tattoos mask a pretty girl with a neat figure and a fine fucking style.

The final scene features La Toya and Vixen Cheshire getting fucked by the estimable Steve Hooper. La Toya is all in red (dress, undies, shoes), Vixen in white top and black skirt. All too quickly both girls strip to their shoes and while Vixen sits on Steve's face La Toya eases herself onto his cock. Steve gives both girls a deep and hard shagging on the bed with some novel positions. Scene ends with a sweaty Steve shooting over La Toya's belly.

Bonus Scene: This is the video record of John's stills shoot with the gorgeous Welsh Tia and young woman credited as Sally. The girls undress each other on the bed with a little licking and kissing and they warm up a bit when the big dildos come out (and go in). Because it's a stills shoot the action is a bit stilted but the girls are gorgeous and, curiously, very similar in looks. I have not seen Sally in any other performances (the stills set is on the Johnny Rebel website) but if there are any, I'll buy them. Very good scene.

The usual excellent value from Terry at 2hrs 43mins and fine performances from all the girls.

Review by Bayleaf

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