< Noces Rituelles

Released: 1991
Director: Richard Romain
Notes: Double Défi, 90 mins, stars Madison
Alternate Titles
  • Wedding Rituals
Notes and Reviews

Original French language version

Madison is the star and performs most of the hardcore action along with two French girls. Vida Garman and Sharon Kane feature. They perform a lesbian scene together which is joined by a male, but this is cut short. The two girls are in a 69 position and it looks as if Vida is fondling his penis but it is abruptly cut to another scene. Did these two back out of doing M/F hardcore halfway through this film? Vida later has a sex scene which is interrupted by a jealous Madison. On the interruption it becomes obvious that it was simulated. At the concluding wedding orgy both Vida and Sharon appear to be groped under the table, though it is not possible to be certain as there are only lower and upper closeups, but take no real part in the hardcore action.

There are previews at the end, the first of which is of Suprises Aeriennes where they did do M/F hardcore, as is demonstrated in the preview. This uses the same aircraft set as in the initial scene of Noces Rituelles.

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