< National Models Peeing R18 DVD available

Released: 2004
Director: Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • British Lesbians Pissing 1 2005 DVD available USA
  • Page 3 Girls Peeing original title, later removed from shelves
  • Piss Party: Come And Make Me Wet DVD available
  • Watersports Spice TV series title
Notes and Reviews

For fans of pissing films this is a chance to see some of the best of 2004's Britporn stars spraying gallons all over the place. As I don't read the Sun I can't vouch for them as Page 3 girls, but they're none the worse for that.

Danielle Louise Kelson, in a dress, is showing Donna Ibbotson, in a bikini, the poledancing ropes in a club. Donna is desperate and pees on the floor, which leads to a lesbian scene. Soon both girls are naked and are kissing and rubbing each other. More extensive pissing is interspersed with pole and dildo action.

Jo May is desperate for a pee and rushes home - but she only makes it to the hall, where she squats, legs spread wide and pees through her pants. In the kitchen, Jo apologises to housemate Dawn Slater who confesses that she does it all the time and demonstrates by pissing over the kitchen floor. Once again this leads to lesbian sex, this time in the bedroom. More pissing follows in the bathroom. Plenty of authentic kissing and licking from two girls who have been here before. Good stuff.

Jane Whitehouse rushes into a gym and pisses on the floor in front of Vicky Valentine, who promptly pisses through her lycra shorts. This is the cue for both girls to strip. Kissing and licking is followed by more pissing over the gym equipment, then they dildo each other. Finally they clear up and get dressed, then Jane takes a piss outside. This last, short, sequence is shot in an alleyway opposite a filling station and cars can be seen passing just a few feet away.

Back at the club, Lucy Law and Sarah Wright arrive and Danielle directs them to the changing room. Lucy pees through her pants onto the floor then demands Sarah pees, very messily, through her jeans. The girls start to undress each other while kissing and licking then, partly dressed, run to the gents where they practice pissing into the boy's stainless-steel urinals amidst much hilarity. Sarah climbs onto the basins and, after some deep pussy-licking, attempts to fill a champagne bucket left on the floor!

Rebecca Smyth and Dani O'Neal are not dressed for a walk in the country, but they do take a leak in the corner of a field. Back at their house, the girls start on each other immediately on the stairs, moving to the bathroom for more wet action before moving to the bedroom where the vibrators come out. Hard, penetrating action finishes when the girls hurriedly get dressed, but Dani manages another gusher from her knickless pussy at the front door while Rebecca responds with a trickle through her jeans.

Impressive performances from all the girls who must have drunk a lot to produce the volumes of piss sprayed here. A fine film from veteran porn film maker Freddie Morse.

Review by Bayleaf

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