< National Models Peeing 2 R18 DVD available

Director: Freddie Morse
Notes: MSS Interactive
Alternate Titles
  • British Lesbians Pissing 2 2005 DVD available USA
  • Piss Party: 100% Wet DVD available
  • Watersports 2 Adult Channel XXX
Notes and Reviews

Veteran Director Freddie Morse must have had litres of mineral water on hand for these girls who empty their bladders in spectacular fashion. The film is a mixture of quiet sex girl-girl scenes and hardcore fucking with a guy or two.

In the first scene, big haired blondes Kerry and Cory (American?) cavort in a secluded garden taking a pee through their bikini bottoms before moving to towels on the lawn near the outdoor pool. The girls remove their tops and use dildos on each other, breaking off to stand, legs akimbo, to produce more copious quantities of piss. Not a lot of intimacy between the two girls but they both take the dildos full length. Scene ends with the naked girls taking a pee in the lily pond.

Ian Tate and Jennifer are lounging by the outdoor pool when Kiera arrives wearing a blue bikini and dying for a pee. She stands on the diving board and, legs apart, directs her spray all over the poolside. Keira then moves across to Ian, taking his cock in her mouth, while Jennifer removes her bikini bottom and shows she can piss too. Ian fucks Jennifer in doggy on the sunlounger then returns to Keira for a missionary fuck and the action continues as Ian swaps between the two girls. On the lawn as Ian fucks each girl the other pisses on the grass. Scene ends with a facial for both girls.

In the garden Angel is practicing her boxing with a punch bag while Karla, sitting on the conservatory steps, opens her thighs and pisses through her knickers. As it starts to rain both girls move into the conservatory where Angel pees on the floor, then moving to an armchair the girls undress each other with the usual licking, kissing and fingering. Dildos and double-ender use is punctuated by further flows over the tiled floor. In the kitchen, Angel pees in the sink, then both girls stand and pee over the floor.

Steve Hooper and Roxy are getting intimate on the sofa when Alexis joins them in the lounge. Alexis pisses her jeans by way of introduction, which prompts Roxy to hitch up her skirt and piss over the laminate floor. Roxy returns to Steve's cock as Alexis, then Roxy and Steve, undress, which leads to Roxy mounting Steve's cock in reverse cowgirl. Steve then fucks Alexis doggy but she breaks off to squat on the floor and pee again. More three-way sex on the sofa in some interesting positions as Steve swiftly swaps his cock between the girls' pussies. Steve cums over Alexis' boobs, then both girls manage to squeeze a little more pee out while squatting on some tiles.

Sahara and Tia can't find a way into the house to reach the bathroom so first Tia then Sahara pee through their pants onto the garden path. Removing their knickers the girls move to a quiet part of the garden, undress and stroke each other. There's more standing pissing against a tree and more licking and fingering. Tia finds a swing where she sits and pees, then, as is the way with these things, a yellow double-ender appears then disappears into the girls' pussies before both girls run naked into the sunset.

Although aimed at fans of girls pissing, the sheer enthusiasm and intensity of the action should appeal to a wide range of porn buyers. Some nice girls getting dirty although none, I fear, have actually appeared on Page 3. Well worth a look.

Review by Bayleaf

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